Danny Dyer was left stunned during his BBC show The Wall after two of the competitors won £122,142 - and gave all the prize winnings to their mum.

Brothers Gabriel and Daniel appeared on the quiz show together in a bid to win big for their mum.

While Gabriel was locked away in a room and asked various questions, unknowing whether he had answered them correctly, as Daniel stayed with Danny and took aim at the wall in the hope of winning money.

For questions Gabriel answered correctly, the pair were gifted with three balls to put into the wall and hopefully win large sums of money.

Brothers Gabriel and Daniel appeared on BBC's The Wall together

But if he got the questions wrong, the three balls they would put into the machine would turn negative and take the amount of money they landed on out of the prize pot.

The brothers, who are both doctors, explained that they wanted to win some money for their mum.

Daniel explained: "If we won any money tonight it would have to [go towards] doing something special for our mum.

Gabriel had no clue about how much they had won
He was delighted to discover that they had bagged £122,000

"Mum's given us so much in our lives and we are ready to give back and no wall is going to get in our way!"

The pair were giving all their prize money to their mum
Their mum looked so incredibly proud of her sons

They explained that they wanted to pay for her garden to be landscaped, adding: "We want to make it beautiful because she is a beautiful person."

While Gabriel was separated from Daniel, he managed to get a lot of questions right and the pair won £122,142.

Danny Dyer was delighted for the two brothers

But Gabriel had no idea how much they had won and had the opportunity to sign a contract to ensure they walked away with £17,122 - or risk it all by tearing it up and betting on what they had won.

He returned to the studio and revealed that he had ripped up the contract.

Concealing his smile, Daniel explained that he had had a great few rounds and that they had managed to get up to £130,000 but that they had had some red balls at the end.

But he finally revealed the good news at the end, saying: "We made £120,000!"

Gabriel was almost on his knees before hugging his brother, gasping: "Oh my god!"

And fans were ecstatic to see the brothers win, with one writing: "I flippin love #TheWall so pleased for those lovely lads."

*The Wall returns next Saturday on BBC One