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Danniella Westbrook says she’s battled severe depression since contracting Covid as she shares video from bed

dark place

DANNIELLA Westbrook has opened up about battling severe depression over the last few weeks.

The 47-year-old fell into a dark place after contracting Covid and was unable to leave the house.

Yesterday, the former EastEnders actress left the house for the first time since being ill as she visited Friends Fest with a pal.

Once home again, Danniella discussed her difficult journey, telling her fans: “So I had a great day at Friends Fest after coming out of Covid and literally a week and half of depression. 

“It was severe, severe depression, I was literally getting out of bed just to eat and sometimes not even to wash.

“It was much needed that I got up and went out today and a huge thank you to my good mate Kelli Hollis and her family for coming to get me and making me leave the house, get up and get my s**t together.”

The star continued:  “Depression is in all of us and none of us can escape it, it’s just how it manifests sometimes. 

I was literally getting out of bed just to eat and sometimes not even to wash

Danniella Westbrook

“For me, it’s particularly bad since I had Covid, but I feel like I have turned the corner so thank you guys. Thanks to my kids for their support, they have been on the end of the phone 24/7.”

Danniella admitted that some days she struggled to pick up the phone to her kids or her sponsors, but is now out of the other side of it. 

Last month, the Sam Mitchell star revealed she had Covid despite being fully vaccinated.

She told her followers at the time:  “I'm really, really poorly. I'm gutted, fuming.”

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