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Danileigh slammed for new song Yellow Bone praising ‘light-skinned’ women as boyfriend DaBaby’s ex laughs at backlash

DANILEIGH has been slammed for her new song, Yellow Bone, which talks about "light-skinned" women as her boyfriend DaBaby's ex, Meme, laughs at the backlash.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been dating for over a year now.

Fans were not happy when DaniLeigh, 26, previewed her most recent song on social media.

In the song, she sings "yellow-bone, that's what he wants," referring to the color of her skin.

However, DaBaby fans didn't find the song cute at all and quickly slammed her for perpetuating colorism and racism.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "D*ni L*igh perpetuating Colorism in 2021 with a song saying, 'yellow bone that’s what he wants' in a pseudo-rap voice? In this economy?"

A second commented: "Dani Leigh lost me with that Yellow Bone song.

"Yall still makin songs that enforce colorism and fetishization of light skinned ppl in 2021? Being Light Skinned is NOT a personality trait, and sad to say, it's honestly all some of yall got, which is tragic."

While a third one tweeted: "After darkskinned women suffered decades of belittlement, a song becomes popular for praising women like us.

"Instead of people trying to understand why songs like Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncè is so important, they create songs perpetuating colorism. Why can’t we win for once?"

Seemingly, fans weren't the only ones who slammed the young singer as DaBaby's baby mama and former partner, Meme, laughed at her misfortune.

In a screengrab captured by The Shade Room, Meme simply shared: "Lmfao, I'm gone! I ain't gonna do it."

However, DaniLeigh hit back at her fans and Meme as she posted a series of now-deleted tweets.

According to Complex, she shared: "Why I can't make a song for my light skin baddies?? Why y'all think I'm hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types... Why y'all so sensitive & take it personal... Gahhhh damn."

She also wrote: "Ima keep letting God bless me .. while y’all sit back and judge me && sit behind y’all lil phones and type s**t about another woman .. y’all all HATERS."

DaniLeigh and DaBaby first met when she choreographed his music video for BOP on Broadway at the end of 2019.

Rumors about the couple's relationship status have been going on all year, and they particularly amped up when the mother of DaBaby's daughter, Meme, said they were together.

They also were seen together during quarantine and DaBaby wrote explicit song lyrics about her while actually naming her in his music.

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