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Daniel Dubois hopes cross-country gallops at local stud farm will make him lord of the manor after Joe Joyce showdown

DANIEL DUBOIS warned Joe Joyce that old-school horsepower straight off the new Peacock Farm will make him lord of the manor on Saturday night.

Champ Dubois defends his British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles against the 2016 Olympic silver winner — after their vastly contrasting camps.

Solo slugger Joyce, 35, had an expensive Las Vegas trip to spar with UFC fighters axed due to the pandemic.

So he had to relocate to a gym in Surbiton, where trainer Ismael Salas wears platforms to hold pads for the 6ft 6in ace.

While Dynamite Dan — alongside a growing squad of champions — recently swapped the iconic Canning Town sweatbox for a stud estate in Epping that Peacock gym training brothers Martin and Tony Bowers have built.

With Dubois’ Olympic youth champion sister Caroline at home, plus new British and Southern Area champs Denzel Bentley and Chris Bourke chasing him on cross-country gallops, DDD now believes his stable are dead certs.

The 23-year-old brawler said: “Boxing is a lonely sport and if you take a loss, it’s down to the fighter.

“But any success comes down to the team you have around you and the gym.

“When I go through the ropes I am alone — and that’s just fine.

“But at home — and at the new gym — I am surrounded by a family and team of champions that I think will help make a difference for me against Joe.

“I don’t pay much attention to what he does. But I doubt he’s running through fields in the freezing fog and rain.

“We have all the sports science we need but we like things old school. There’s not even street lights around the gym, no public roads with pavements.

“When we arrive in the morning it’s pitch black and it’s the same when we leave after a session.

“While Joe has been training on computer games or in a nice warm gym, we have been running through forests in the freezing cold.

“That clean air is good for the lungs and even better for the mind. I see me beating Joe clearly and convincingly.”

Part of the Epping pile is an astro-turfed cage where Dubois and his cohorts pull a weighted sled and flip tyres for hours, to add even more power to their arsenal.

And the 15-0 star admits he might have to sort out better wheels and transport now that he is in more treacherous surroundings.

He added: “My dad drives me to and from training.

“I’ve thought about running or cycling — but down these country lanes you could fall and not be found for days.

“I’ll have to pass my driving test soon and then sort myself out with a car.

“That might be a treat for myself once I win this fight.”

The needle between these two former Team GB pals has grown as the pandemic has repeatedly pushed the bout back — and the media demands have forced them out of their shells.

Dubois now talks about his appetite for destruction when his rival’s name is mentioned and the clash — originally billed for April — has taken on a real edge.

Dubois said: “We have had to meet a few times now for media commitments.

“We’ve been put in a small room or situation where it has felt like people are trying to provoke me into a fight.

“Since the first bout was announced, Joe has been on my mind. I have dreamed about fighting Joe — and of course I always win.

“All the extra time has got people talking about tactics and game plans, even mind games, but I just want to land on him.

“I want him to feel my power early on and I want to finish off another fight in spectacular fashion.”

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce promo

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