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Dancing On Ice 2021 LIVE – Myleene Klass is first to be eliminated from the competition as Gemma Collins makes comeback


MYLEENE Klass has become the first celebrity skater to be booted off this year’s Dancing On Ice.

The classical musician found herself in the skate off following a shaky first performance with partner Lukasz Różycki.

Then, after going head-to-head with rapper Lady Leshurr and Brendyn Hatfield, all four judges voted for Myleene to be eliminated.

Disappointed but putting on a brave face, Myleene told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "I couldn't have done it without Lukasz, my family and my friends.

"But I've learned a new skill in lockdown. Who'd have thought it? When the rinks open, I'll be there!"

Capital Radio DJ Sonny Jay and Angela Egan were awarded the Golden Ticket, meaning they glided straight through to next week's Musicals show.

Topping the leaderboard was former Coronation Street actress Faye Brookes and Hamish Gaman.

The big coo of the night, however, was Gemma Collins. The star made her Dancing On Ice comeback, suspended in a jewel-encrusted trapeze hoop to announce the viewers' competition details.

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    They did all they could, but Myleene Klass is the first contestant to be booted off this year's Dancing On Ice.

    I actually expected Myleene Klass to have been stronger than she was.

    I'm not sure Hear'Say featured some actual, professional dance routines. And obviously she has never skated before.

    Never mind, she's got the piano to fall back on.


    She is dizzy and spinny, but that was fierce.

    The rapper is suffering from a few aches and pains but she definitely gave it her all.

    Has she done what it takes to make it through to Musicals week, though?


    So Myleene Klass is up against Lady Leshurr in tonight's Skate Off.

    Lady L is up first, with Myleene following. And they've got new routines too!

    Who will the judges save….?


    Okay, so while I think Denise van Outen deserves another chance next week, some viewers are already calling for her to go.

    I mean, she can't even be voted off tonight, guys…

    Poor lass has dislocated her shoulder, so let's just give her another 7 days to heal.

    At least she got to enjoy a nice meal tonight, even if her arm was in a sling.


    Poor Denise. Arm in a glitzy sling and unable to skate.

    But at least she could take part, by sitting at a dining table!

    Judge Ashley Banjo didn't seem wildly impressed that she wasn't skating though.

    Boo to you.


    Something tells me ex Corrie star Faye Brookes will escape the Skate Off tonight.

    Fans are going wild for hers and Hamish's performance tonight and that score said all you needed to know.

    But who looks unsafe? Sonny Jay has his free pass to next week, meaning the others must be quivering in their boots…


    So all this week's celebrities have skated, Faye Brookes has topped the leaderboard and Sonny Jay has glided off with the Golden Ticket.

    But there is still the Skate Off to come.

    Rapper Lady Leshurr will be taking to the ice again with her partner Brendyn, but who will be joining her?


    So the Golden Ticket results are in…and Sonny Jay has bagged it.

    This means he and partner Angela are straight through to Musicals week.

    I'm really pleased to see DOI bosses have upgraded the naff plastic wallet for a proper envelope.

    A Golden Ticket requires a proper envelope.


    Faye certainly won over the hearts of viewers with that elegant routine – and the judge!

    Splits, rotating stag and some impressive lifts…has resulted in a score of 31.5. In Week 1 (for her).

    Christopher and Jayne have said it was the best Week 1 skate EVER on DOI.



    Faye Brookes is the last contestant to skate tonight and I reckon this will be good.

    She did really well in last week's group routine and seems full of confidence.

    Pro skater Hamish seems pretty chuffed to have bagged her too.

    Come on, Faye!


    It seems fans of the show don't agree with Myleene Klass' low score.

    She started her performance on her own, yet was told she was too attached to her partner.

    Hmmm. I think she deserved slightly more, no?


    Myleene Klass opened her solo (well, duet) with an impressive piano performance.

    Her costume has drawn a bit of attention, too.

    One viewer has tweeted: “Myleene outboobing Holly dancingonice.” Quite a skill, actually.


    Did Holly Willoughby just say Myleene Klass is about to play the piano on the ice?

    Well, no. She actually said Myleene is about to have a “little tinkle” on the ice.

    Let's hope a piano appears on the rink, that's all I can say.


    What an entrance! Gemma Collins has made her Dancing On Ice comeback – and without any actual skating.

    Instead, Gemma declared that she had 'flown in on her diamond ring' while sitting in a trapeze hoop to promote the viewer competition.

    “I'm so happy to be here this evening, it's amazing to be back!” she said.

    Tbh, I would expect NOTHING less from The GC.


    Capital FM Breakfast Show host Sonny Jay has just topped the leader board, thanks to some decent scores from the ice panel.

    He is delighted, judge Ashley Banjo was impressed and fellow judge Christopher Dean thought he did an excellent job.

    To be honest, I'm just pleased not to see another score of 25…


    Not only is Sonny Jay skating to Lewis Capaldi tonight, but he has his support too.

    Earlier this week, Sonny received a good luck message from the super star singer himself.

    Doesn't get better than that, does it?


    DOI host Phillip Schofield has just announced Rufus Hound's absence from tonight's show.

    “Unfortunately, Rufus isn't with us tonight as he's had to self-isolate. We hope to have him back very soon,” he said.

    Rufus has come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, so has to stay away for at least 10 days.


    Interestingly, a few DOI fans are calling for a return of…Jason Gardiner.

    This is in response to the very samey scoring this series.

    One fan tweeted: “Please, bring back jasongardiner the judges are dreadful how can you score the same scores.”

    Unfortunately, Jason is a little busy right now…having turned into an eco-friendly farmer.

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