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Daley Thompson shows an emotional reaction to his son becoming a GB decathlon champion

Olympic legend Daley Thompson says he was proud to explode when he saw his son Elliott chasing the Golden Spike Mark.

Forty-six years after Britain's greatest athlete won the first title in the British decathlon, Elliott wore a crown in Manchester.

Thompson said: "It's great. To be honest, I can't be proud of him anymore.

" It's never easy for him because it was never easy for kids who are good at something. It wasn't that.

"He always had it, especially at the same event as me, and people had high expectations for him.

"But Elliott is a living proof that diligence, patience, and sticking to it are rewarded. He's a national champion and I'm just happy."

Thompson's senior 36 years after it was held in Stuttgart, it still holds the UK record for 10 events.

After winning the national title, he continued to win the Olympics and roamed undefeated for nine years in the completed decathlon.

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Elliott, 29, is ranked 82nd on the UK's best-ever list. But I wasn't worried after that. He finished like a train at the last 1500m and jumped from 3rd to 1st with 7,197 points.

"Dad will be happy-he probably expected more," he laughed. "That's not what most boys and dads think about each other!"

Enfield and Harringay athletes, who just started decathlon in 2017, are actually new to tomorrow in app development. Start work and work part-time.

Elliott is on his way to the glory of the British title-46 years after his father's first GB title(


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But who remembers what he made? Even can't rob him of himself and his family on a ferocious day in June behind the Etihad Stadium.

"I've already spoken on the phone three times today," Daley said. "He's absolutely overjoyed.

" He's working part-time now, but to be fair, that's the way we used to do it. "

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Elliott jokes when asked if his dad helped with coaching. rice field. "No, he's a terrible coach. Of course, I think it can be very difficult to explain."

Daily agreed: "I'm his dad and I leave him to keep it going. I don't think he's seen a movie I'm competing with.

"It's a shame he picked it up five years ago. He No one knows where they got, but this is great. "