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Daily horoscope for February 5: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope readings will be vital for some people today, who bank their fortunes on the path of the stars and planets. Astrologers who claim to have read the charts have drawn up a set of guidelines on how certain people should act or how they might feel today.

Daily horoscope reading for February 5

Marina of MarStars astrology is one astrologist who claims to understand how the solar system will impact people’s lives on February 5.

According to the astrologer, on February 5, Mercury is in Pisces sextile with Uranus which is in Taurus.

The Moon is in Gemini but will enter Cancer after 2pm.

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daily horoscope February 5 star sign astrology star sign zodiac forecast today

Daily horoscope for February 5: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast (Image: GETTY)

Daily horoscope for February 5: Planets

Daily horoscope for February 5: The planets will bring opportunity and creativity today (Image: GETTY)

Speaking in her weekly astrology forecast, Marina said people should focus on creativity as a positive aspect from Mercury creates a host of new opportunities.

She said: “On Wednesday we have a positive aspect between Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus.

“A great time for new ideas, inspiration, excitement, amazing opportunities when it comes to negotiations or sharing ideas with others, or just having more productive communication with other people.

“Focus on a new approach.”

Daily horoscope for February 5: Moon

Daily horoscope for February 5: The Moon will shift into Gemini at 2pm (Image: GETTY)

“Focus on something that would bring you excitement, something extraordinary, something outside the box, outside of what you are really used to.

“Just forget about routine stuff, boring stuff.

“You have to be more creative but also more flexible.

“This is a combination which can bring positive changes to your daily plans, your ideas or the tasks you would like to accomplish.”

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Daily horoscope for February 5: Cancer star sign

Daily horoscope for February 5: The Moon's movement into cancer could bring laziness today (Image: GETTY)

Marina added the Moon will shift on February 4, with opportunity for new ideas and communication.

She added: “The Moon will be in Gemini at approximately 2pm Eastern Time, so a great time for negotiations, communications, intellectual work and ideas.

“But after 2pm (7pm GMT) we have a shift.

“The Moon will shift into Cancer, which changes the overall atmosphere.”

Marina said as the Moon enters Cancer, people may find they wish to focus more on themselves and relaxation as the evening approaches.

She said: “We may tend to be more emotional, more focussed on personal things.

“Sometimes the Moon can bring a little laziness, desire to relax comfortably at home and there are times when we have to take this time for ourselves.

“So, maybe during the afternoon or evening, you may focus more on personal things, family stuff, spending time with your kids as well.”

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