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Dad whose twins were drowned by mum in bath welcomes baby boy with new partner as he says he has ‘purpose once more’


A DAD whose twins were drowned by their mum in the bath has shared his joy at welcoming a baby son with his new partner.

Steven Ford previously told how he "lost the will to live" after ex-wife Samantha killed 23-month-old toddlers Jake and Chloe on Boxing Day 2018.

But he has now revealed how baby Rupert has given him "purpose in life once more".

The proud dad told Kent Online: "It was a huge decision for me to have another child.

"I always wanted to be a dad and even when that was taken away from me, I still felt like a dad.

"We spoke about it at length and agreed to try, and it's really lucky we've been successful and have a healthy baby boy."

Steven also posted a picture of adorable Rupert on Twitter after partner Cristi gave birth last night.

He said: "My 3rd baby, my 2nd son, my only child. Youve given me purpose in life once more, ill help you do great things with yours. I love you son x #myson #brothertoangels #jakeandchloeforever #onedayold #baby #love #HappyBirthday".

Steven met Cristi "purely by chance, and at the right time" when he was trying to move on with his life after the double horror in December 2018.

He praised her for saving his life after she "picked me up from rock bottom".

But the dad admitted he still grapples with his grief at losing Jake and Chloe and said he still sees them "everywhere".

Steven added: "Grief's not a linear path. It's constantly moving, and the biggest part of grief for me to understand was acceptance.

"It's not just accepting that your children are gone and the circumstances in how they died - it's accepting that they're not here, and accepting that it's changed you, and accepting that you feel differently different days.

Steven told how he will tell Rupert all about his big brother and sister "when the time is right".


The "miracle" twins were born after four attempts at IVF while the family were living in Qatar.

But Steven and Samantha's marriage began to fall apart when the "materialistic" mum lost her lavish lifestyle and ended up in a "s**thole" in Margate.

On December 12, 2018, police found Samantha "hysterical and screaming" in her car after she deliberately smashed into the back of a lorry.

The mum was slumped over the passenger seat, saying: "Just let me die. I’ve killed my babies. I have had a breakdown.

"I would never hurt them, they are my miracle babies. It’s all a dream."

She said she had "put them in the bath" and urged the officers to head to her home in Westwood.

When police arrived, they found the twins dead in their beds with a note scrawled by Samantha reading: "Please forgive my crazy mind."

She admitted two counts of manslaughter by diminished responsibility and is now serving a 10-year prison sentence.

In a powerful victim impact statement, Steven described how he wakes up "screaming" and forgets his children are dead.

He added: "I have night terror these have become more frequent in recent weeks and happened in the middle of the night.

"I wake myself up screaming or throwing items within my reach in my bedroom.

"I find these incidents particularly disturbing. Sometimes in the morning when I get out of bed I get out on autopilot and go to the twins room to get them up."