A dad hilariously mocked clothes being classed as “non-essential” items in Tesco stores across Wales by doing DIY wearing nothing but a bunch of bananas taped to his crotch.

All of Stephen Matthews' trousers were in the wash on Saturday morning when he went to get dressed, so he decided to create a makeshift pair with fruit.

This comes as Tesco was embroiled in controversy over its classing of "non-essential" items.

A man who was spotted shopping in his underwear around Tesco in Newport, Wales, said he did so to prove "something is essential to everyone".

While Tesco apologised on Monday after wrongly saying it can't sell tampons in Wales.

Stephen started his own protest today while his wife Joanne, 43, was upstairs looking after their two daughters when he raided the fruit bowl and taped the bunch of three bananas to his crotch.

In the clip, the 51-year-old can be seen stood on a work trestle with his tools in hand.

He appears to pause his plastering to speak to the camera, with only the bananas covering his manhood.

All of Stephen Matthews' trousers were in the wash

Stephen then proclaims that he blames the embarrassing outfit on the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford, in reference to the uproar over what items were classed as “non-essential”.

The video has since been viewed 330,000 times and shared more than 7,200 times, with 1,100 reactions - as he warned viewers “no close-ups”.

Stephen, from Aberdare, Wales, said: "The non-essential thing has gone crazy really - I hope the government turn around a bit.

"I thought I'd try and put a smile on people's faces and make a funny video. I didn't want to go down the political road.

He decided to create a makeshift pair with fruit while doing the DIY

"My wife was upstairs trying to get the kids out of bed because they'd had a lie in and I had the idea in my head before I told her.

"She came down the stairs and I had these bananas strapped to me. She said 'what the hell - you're crackers'.

"Bananas were the only thing I could find really. I restricted myself with a bit of tape and I couldn't use any other fruit because I didn't have any.

"All my clothes were in the wash and I had my shorts on. I thought I'd have a bit of fun, whipped the shorts off and stuck the bananas on.

"I couldn't have bought any replacements and my clothes were in the wash.

The bunch of three bananas only just spared his blushes

"I had a bit of pain taking it off though because it was stuck to the hairs on my legs."

Since going viral, Stephen claims he has been stopped in the street while his friends on the builders' yard also joked about the video.

Stephen said: "I didn't think the video would take off as well as it did.

"I'm always taking videos and the kids just brush it to the side.

"It's gone a bit crazy really and it's rising as we speak. It's going up and up and up.

"The builders' yard have had me and a couple of people stopped me in the street. My phone hasn't stopped pinging today."