A dad was killed by six tonnes of rubble after a building collapsed into the street, an inquest was told.

Robert Young, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, was walking past an arcade when bricks came off the property and hit him in the head.

The 61-year-old was buried under the rubble and pronounced dead at the scene on October 6, 2014, Hull Live reports.

The tragedy happened while the seaside town was being lashed by heavy rain and strong winds of more than 40mph. 

Speaking shortly after his death, East Riding Council  officials said the building's masonry was dislodged because of “inclement weather ”.

A jury at  Hull Coroners Court  are set to determine how Mr Young came by his death over the two week inquest, which began on Thursday and heard evidence on the first day from a pathologist and Mr Young's wife.

Mrs Young asked for a photograph of her husband to be shown to the jury whilst she was having her evidence read.

The 61-year-old was buried in six tonnes of rubble

She said that on the morning of his death, Robert, who was retired, had dropped her off at work and had planned to go shopping and to the betting shop.

"It was a wet and windy day and I heard a building had collapsed," said Mrs Young.

"I was informed Robert had been killed as a result of the falling building."

Mrs Young said her husband loved horse racing and had shares on two horses.

“I’m the wife of the late Robert Young, age 61. We had been together for 40 years and married 36 years. Robert was the eldest of four. When he left school he went to Doncaster college and trained as a chef.

“We were married 27 May 1978 in Barnsley and had one daughter together. We always wanted more children but it was never to be.

"Robert was a chef and we would always work together at golf club and pubs."

In July 2012 the couple bought a caravan in North Bay, Bridlington.

She said: "In 2013 Robert had a heart attack. It was at this point we reassessed life and made decision to retire early and enjoy lives together.

"We spent most of our time in Bridlington."

Home Office registered pathologist, Dr Hope said that Mr Young died as a result of head injuries.

"It was wet and windy [on the day he died] and there were gusts of up to 40mph," she said.

"At 12.59pm on October 6, a CCTV operator contacted police after seeing a building had collapsed on a man walking below.

"He was surrounded by five to six tonnes of rubble from the amusement arcade with a visible head injury.

"He was pronounced dead at the scene."

The pathologist gave Mr Young's cause of death as head injury by falling masonry.

She said the falling rubble from the Nobles Amusements building would have killed Mr Young immediately.

Speaking to Hull Live at the time of the tragic accident in 2014, Neil Dean, 52, said that he was was sitting in his taxi, when it was hit by some of the falling bricks and he found Mr Young shortly after.

He said at the time: “It is absolutely terrible what happened and terribly unfortunate. A lot of rubble came down and the sound was like a kid throwing a snowball at a car, but 100 times worse than that.

“I got out of the car and there was a bloke beside the car, about two foot away, who had dropped to the ground.

“The car saved my life, without a shadow of a doubt. If I hadn’t been writing something, I’d have been out of the car and would probably have also got hit and been killed.

“I feel lucky to be alive and terribly sorry for the family of the bloke who died. It is dreadful.”

The inquest continues tomorrow.