A burglar who wept as he was about to be jailed was told by a judge to “stop snivelling”.

Brendan Bagley, 23, broke into a pregnant woman’s home while she and her partner were asleep.

In the couple’s victim statement, the man said: “My partner was heavily pregnant.

"The impact on my partner has been tremendous.”

But as Judge Peter Cooke was reading it at Warwick crown court he was interrupted by Bagley’s crying.

He told him: “Stop snivelling.

"You did this to those people and today you’re going to pay for it.”

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He added: “You might like to think how you would feel if somebody put your partner in that situation.”

Bagley, of Coventry, who has 16 previous convictions, was jailed for two years eight months after admitting the burglary in nearby Wellesbourne.

Daren Samat, defending, said he did it to pay off a drugs debt.