A Brit at the centre of the major earthquake that rocked Crete says locals are living in fear of a devastating repeat.

Lucy Semple, who lives on the Greek island, told that there have been more than 30 aftershocks - and explained that it was the worst she had felt in five years there.

One person died as a result of the quake, while a number of people are still missing.

Schools, hotels and other buildings were evacuated when the 6.5 magnitude quake struck off the coast of the island on Monday morning.

Many homes were damaged, with some reduced to piles of rubble.

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At least one person died and nine were injured when an earthquake hit Greece's largest island (



Mrs Semple, 31, who moved the Crete from Scotland, told Glasgow Live about her terrifying experience.

"The earthquake was really scary and the worst I’ve felt in five years living here," she said.

"We have been getting small earthquakes all summer but this one was the worst. It lasted for around 20 seconds and the whole house was shaking.

"All my cupboard doors and balcony doors were rattling and you could hear everything moving. My dog was terrified too.

Lucy Semple told of the terror and says islanders fear further quakes (


Lucy Semple)

"It was my day off so I wasn’t long woken up. As soon as I realised what was happening I ran out the door to go outside.

"We have been feeling aftershocks all day, more than 25. One of the aftershocks was 4.6 magnitude yesterday and another today of 5.4".

Around 2,500 tents were set up to house those who could not safely return to their homes on Monday.

Safety inspections are under way, with members of Greece's disaster response unit flown in with specialised rescue equipment.

But locals still fear further quakes could be coming.

Homes were reduced to rubble after the 20-second quake (


AFP via Getty Images)

"Everybody is nervous as aftershocks keep continuing," she added. "I know some people in the village who lost their family homes.

"Lots of tourists are here, so many workers are trying to continue as normal.

"It’s time like now I wish to be close to my family as it’s only me and my dog here, but we will be fine.

"We will get through it, like the Cretans always do."

Seismologist Gerasimos Papadopoulos told Greece's state broadcaster ERT: "This is not an event that occurred without warning.

"We have seen activity in this region for several months. This was a strong earthquake, it was not under sea but under land and affecting populated areas."

One video clip shows a panicked woman telling her father to calm down and that everything was shaking.

Former Met Police officer Michiela Medcraft said she was eating breakfast in her hotel's restaurant at Creta Maris beach resort in Crete when the quake struck.

"It sounded like a massive lorry was going past the hotel and then it got really loud," the 55-year-old told the Mirror.

"You just felt things shaking. I looked at my son and we both said 'that’s an earthquake'.

"Then people just started screaming and running out of the restaurant. I didn’t expect people to react like that but I’ve never been in an earthquake."

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