The Record revealed last month how sleazy men from across Scotland were using the Craigslist classified ads website to buy sex from desperate women.

Poor females selling services had been plunged into poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our story shone a light on the kind of twisted minds who will use the internet to take advantage of vulnerable
individuals, no matter what the cost.

Today, this newspaper can reveal that the same website is also being used by men in Scotland to lure women into their homes for sex in exchange for a place to stay.

We went undercover to lay bare the depraved tactics used by would-be landlords to manipulate those in
dire need.

Thousands of Scots are believed to be targeted in this way every year and it has to stop.

Charities and campaigners have said a tougher line needs to be taken on men who are taking advantage of women in such a way.

It doesn’t need to be spelt out how dangerous a situation this is for those who feel they have no option but to take up an offer from a depraved landlord.

Craigslist could make a stand by banning such adverts and ensuring those that are posted are swiftly removed.

The days when the world’s biggest technology companies could shrug their shoulders when questioned about content on their websites are over.

It’s not good enough when sites such as Facebook or Twitter blame individual users whenever something dodgy is shared on their platforms.

Craigslist should step up and end this sordid practice.

Moral compass

Business is hardly booming during this pandemic, but it has been given a helping hand by the UK Treasury with interest-free loans, grants and tax relief.

But when it comes to giving money to the poor – the people who are most directly affected by the virus, a lack of jobs and few educational opportunities – the generosity dries up.

The £20 uplift that Chancellor Rishi Sunak put on Universal Credit last year is due to come to an end, plunging many working families back below the poverty line because of the low wages they earn.

Last night’s Commons vote on a Labour motion making the uplift permanent showed there is discomfort among some Conservatives that their own Chancellor is turning Scrooge.

It seems the moral bankruptcy of leaving the poor to the wolves of the pandemic, poverty and lack of opportunity is clear even to some Tories.