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Countdown’s Rachel Riley leaves fans scratching their heads with mind-boggling maths problem – can you solve it?

COUNTDOWN'S Rachel Riley has bewildered fans on social media with a mind-boggling maths problem - and people are in uproar over the answer.

Waitit's response was to a maths equation - 2+5 (8-5) - that was tweeted by a user who presented the internet with a string of arguably baffling numbers.

Dumbfounded by the equation, the 46-year-old - who is currently dating Rita Ora - penned: "Wtf is this? None of it makes any sense."

The New Zealander wasn't the only one divided on the internet, with many people either getting 17 or 21 as an answer.

Scratching his head, the director questioned: “Is it 7 and then 3 in brackets? 7 (3). So 7 (but really 3)” he wrote. “So the answer is 3.”

Taking the tricky equation on, Rachel quoted his tweet and said: “Perfect tweet combining my undying loves of Taika Waititi and maths.

“There’s only one right answer to this, what is it? Go!"

For maths whizz Rachel, who can solve sums quicker than most of us can reach for a calculator, the sum would have been a breeze - but those on Twitter have been up in arms over the answer.

Replying to Rachel, one person fumed: "I just don't understand that at all.

"I had to do CSE Maths in Scotland and I'm glad I didn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense."

Putting people out of their misery, Rachel responded to the thread: "The original means the same as how you’ve written it with brackets, but the brackets aren’t technically necessary.

"Using BODMAS (M = multiplication comes before A = addition) the answer would be 17 either way."

Rachel's maths tease comes just days after Countdown presenter Anne Robinson broke her silence on her feud with the 35-year-old - admitting “I’m hard to please”.

The Sun revealed how the pair have clashed over dressing rooms, make-up artists and wardrobe budgets backstage on the Channel 4 quiz show.

We also revealed how the row between the pair escalated when Anne muted Rachel’s microphone on set after tiring of hearing her talking to contestants.

Rachel, who has just given birth to her second daughter, has been so riled up by the situation she has threatened to quit if Anne isn’t pulled up over her behaviour.