An election candidate has apologised after a campaign leaflet incorrectly spelled the name of the town she wants to represent three times.

Carol Bernstein hopes to win a seat on Bury Council in local elections on Thursday, May 6.

She is the Conservative candidate for the Sedgley ward, which covers parts of Prestwich south of the tram line, including St Mary's Park and Whittaker Lane.

It also covers the Sedgley Park area south of Scholes Lane.

But in an election leaflet sent to residents this week, Prestwich was spelled incorrectly three times in two different ways - as both 'Prestwith' and 'Prestwhich'.

Labour councillor Alan Quinn, one of the two Sedgley representatives whose seat is not up for election this year, told Manchester Evening News : "On the one hand it's quite embarrassing.

"But if that's the level of detail they have - they can't be bothered to use spell checker and they can't even get the name of the town right - then what would they be like running Bury Council?

"They just don't know the area. It just rambles on about the 'reign of Cllr Quinn'. It's shocking, it's embarrassing and it's illiterate."

Mrs Bernstein is competing against Labour's Debbie Quinn and Ugonna Aiphodimma Edeoga, of the Liberal Democrats, for the third of Sedgley's three seats on Bury Council.

The errors were made on a page called 'My Plan', which outlined six policies she would like to deliver if successful next month.

The page of the leaflet where Prestwich appears incorrectly three times

Following the errors, Mrs Bernstein said: "I fully apologise for the spelling mistakes, however I wonder why my mistakes are highlighted when I know similar mistakes have been made in Labour leaflets with no comment.

"I am glad people have read my leaflet and noticed the unfortunate mistakes but my real message is about my energy and motivation and the need for change.

"In addition, the important issue here is that I will deliver the plan which unfortunately is needed due to 10 years of Labour control in Bury and the environmental and cleansing neglect overseen by Cllr [Alan] Quinn in Sedgley, who is the environmental cabinet lead in Bury."