Nina Lucas is left blaming herself for Seb Franklin's death as she tries to be discharged from hospital on Coronation Street next week.

While Nina survived the attack, Seb tragically died in hospital as a result of his head injuries.

In a clip from next week's episode, Roy is seen entering Nina's hospital room as she discharges herself despite still struggling from her injuries.

"I can't stand a minute longer in here, Roy," she tells him as he looks at her in worry while she draws in a deep breath. "I'm fine. I just need to do something, anything, to make myself remember."

Nina Lucas is left blaming herself for Seb Franklin's death (



"Of course," Roy replies solemnly.

"I can't stop these alternate realities playing in my head," she tells him. "What if he'd gone straight to the stag do? What if he didn't forget the keys that night? What if I hadn't asked to go on a flaming detour? What if he'd never met me at all?

Roy is left very worried about his niece (


Nina tries to discharge herself from hospital (



"They're like these wishes I'm throwing out into the universe begging for one to come true."

"I'm so sorry," Roy tells her as she begins to become tearful.

Nina appears in pain as she tries to sit down and Roy is deeply troubled.

"I think perhaps on reflection, it might be best if you convalesce here for a little while longer," he suggests.

Next week, Kelly Neelan will also be charged with Seb's murder - while Corey manages to evade arrest after being given a false alibi by girlfriend Asha.

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