Coronation Street airs fresh drama next week, as Corey Brent's freedom leaves the street's residents furious.

Viewers of the ITV soap, and residents, were left shocked and disgusted when Corey walked free from court just weeks ago, despite murdering Seb Franklin.

He managed to convince the jury he was innocent, and that school pal Kelly Neelan was the killer.

Nina Lucas and boyfriend Seb were brutally attacked earlier this year in a hate crime, with Corey targeting Nina over her gothic identity - and her past romance with his girlfriend Asha.

Corey's dad bribed witnesses to defend him in court and claim that he was innocent, including those who were there that night.

Coronation Street airs fresh drama next week, as Corey Brent's freedom leaves the street's residents furious

It was Kelly who was instead found guilty of the crime and sent to prison, with her being sentenced next week.

Corey has shown no remorse for his actions, and is getting back to normal - and next week some news leaves the residents rattled.

Seb's stepfather Kevin Webster learns from his son Jack that footballer Corey has been promoted to Weatherfield County's first team, and has even been put on the bench for the next match.

Coronation Street spoilers confirm some residents take action after some news about Corey

As his career thrives, Seb's loved ones are furious that he has not paid for taking his life away from him.

Kevin and some of Seb's friends decide to take action themselves and attempt to bring him down.

With Corey's anonymity remaining protected despite Seb's loved ones knowing the truth, Kevin, Nina and pal Asha decide to expose him and his crime.

They plan to tell his teammates what he did and how he got away with it, but when neighbour James decides against telling the team's manager, Kevin is not happy.

He instead decides to speak with the manager himself with the help of Tim, hoping to have Corey kicked off the team.

But when they speak to the manager outside the football grounds, he is quick to remind them that Corey was acquitted in a court of law.

Corey murdered Seb and framed Kelly (



Word soon gets back to Corey's dad Stefan about Kevin's chat with the manager, and he pays him a visit to warn him off.

As the strain begins to take its toll on Kevin, Tim begs him to let it go and to forget about getting justice for partner Abi, Seb's mother.

Tim later speaks with Nina too, and urges her to also back down for the sake of their own sanity.

But will Nina let it drop, or will she keep going in a bid for justice for Seb?

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