Max Turner is back causing trouble on tonight’s Coronation Street - but viewers will notice something drastically different.

David Platt’s stepson has had a pretty time since moving to Weatherfield - being placed in foster care before mum Kylie sold him to Becky and Steve for £20,000.

Things didn’t get much better for Max as he struggled with ADHD, his nasty dad Callum Logan was killed in his house and mum Kylie was murdered in the Street.

Since Max arrived on the cobbles in August 2010 he has been played by child actor Harry McDermott, who was only four-years-old when he joined the cast of the ITV soap.

Corrie fans have watched Harry grow up on our screens over the past 11 years, but now the young actor is departing the role which made him a star.

The reason behind the recasting appears to be due to the explosive nature of upcoming storylines as the writers take Max in a new darker direction.

Harry was just four-years-old when he joined the cast of Corrie (


Max was the son of Kylie and grew close to David (



Soap bosses have decided to recast Max with a brand new actor ahead of a new plot which will see him come into conflict with David and another Street resident.

This isn’t the first time a young character has been recast as they move through their teenage years, with the actors playing Summer Spellman and Aadi Alahan moving on recently.

Harry, 15, balanced school work while working on TV for over a decade, acting closely alongside big names such as David actor Jack P. Shepherd and Helen Worth, who played his grandma Gail Platt,

Now he’s leaving the cobbles, the youngster will be continuing his acting studies while going on to new opportunities.

In a statement about Harry’s exit, a Corrie spokesperson explained: “We have all watched Harry grow up alongside Max Turner for the past 11 years and we want to thank him for everything he has brought to the character.

"It is always a difficult decision to recast a role and we look forward to following Harry's career as he continues with his acting studies and explores other opportunities.

“We wish him every success for the future."

Harry will be moving on to new things (


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Paddy Never has taken over the role and has already been filming for a few weeks ahead of his debut in tonight’s special hour-long episode.

In one of Paddy’s first scenes, Max will be seen causing trouble with his teacher, Daniel Osbourne, who is doing a placement.

Daniel is making dad Ken Barlow proud by becoming a teacher, but he doesn’t get off to the best start when Max starts manipulating the situation.

When David becomes concerned with Max’s behaviour in the classroom and his lack of homework, the schoolboy claims he is given less because of his ADHD diagnosis.

David discovers his son has been lying and asks Daniel if he can help with extra tutoring, but he makes excuses not to help.

He is also angered when Daniel claims it’s a pity Max doesn’t use his brain for learning rather than making a fool out of his dad.

Paddy Bever is taking over the role of Max

There’s more tension later on when David spots Daniel letting Summer in for a tutorial session when Max was denied one and accuses him of favouritism.

Incensed David then implies that Daniel is probably doing it because he fancies Summer, due to his romantic history with his nice Bethany.

Max listens intently and uses the information to his advantage to make a dig at his teacher by likening the relationship to Romeo and Juliet.

The war between Daniel and David gets even worse when Daniel’s wallet goes missing from his jacket and immediately accuses Max of stealing it.

When Daniel orders Max to empty his pockets and tries to manhandle him, furious David storms over demanding answers.

Another person watching is Daisy, who warns Daniel that he could be putting his career in jeopardy by accusing Max without any proof.

It seems the recasting of Max will coincide with the character showing a much darker side.

Max starts a war between David and Daniel

Although the young lad has been through quite a lot already over the last decade.

During a tough start to life, little Max was placed in foster care but mum Kylie managed to get custody back with the help of supportive sister Becky.

However, Kylie announced she was moving to Greece and wanted money in exchange for letting her sister and her husband Steve keep Max.

When Kylie returned to the cobbles she was surprisingly engaged to David Platt and Max was taken into care once again.

But Kylie turned her life around and Max moved in with her and the Platts before little sister Lily arrived in 2013.

Then came the appearance of Max's biological dad Callum, who wanted custody of his son but was killed by Kylie after attacking Sarah Platt then buried under the floor of Gail's new bedroom.

Tragedy struck again when Kylie was stabbed to death in the Street by Clayton, leaving Max to be brought up by David and later Shona.

*Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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