Could Corey Brent's time be up in Coronation Street or is his temper about to come and rear its ugly head?

As viewers know, the promising footballer is to blame for Seb Franklin's death - despite being found not guilty in the recent trial.

Flashback scenes earlier this month showed evil Corey deal the brutal blows that eventually killed Seb.

The builder and girlfriend Nina Lucas were set upon and were victim of a hate crime because of the Nina's goth culture.

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The flashback episode aired at the start of the month showed exactly what happened on that fateful night as heartbroken Nina remembered every moment.

She revealed that it was Corey who was responsible for Seb's murder, giving Kelly Neelan the chance to be found not guilty.

However, after a disastrous trial, Kelly has been put behind bars while Corey walks free.

Corey is confronted

Corrie fans were left fuming as he celebrated his freedom outside the courtroom in front of a stunned Abi Franklin.

They then showed how unhappy they were with the recent scenes as they complained to Ofcom.

But Corey could about to be found out if these first look pictures are anything to go by.

Maximus Evans, who plays killer Corey, was spotted filming at The Avenue, Sale.

The scenes are set to air soon

Corey shows his true colours when he threatens a busker who has evidence of him dumping a bag on the night that he murdered Seb.

The actor was seen with injuries to his face and wearing a Weatherfield County training kit in what promises to be an explosive storyline for Corrie.

It is thought that it all leads to 'Super Soap Week' - a huge week of episodes to be aired next month.

Maximus looks bloodies as he films the Corey scenes

Earlier this month, actress Sally Carmen told how the conclusion of the murder trial was just the start of the drama as Abi seeks revenge for her son's death.

And it appeared to be the case as she was spotted filming what's set to be high-octane scenes with her son's killer.

Corrie's Will Mellor was also pictured grinning while bloodied and bruised as he films drug lord Harvey Gaskell's dramatic prison escape.

What evidence has he got on Corey?

The actor is set to make a dramatic comeback to the ITV soap after his character was locked up.

This week, Jack Webster reveals that Corey’s been promoted to County's first team and put on the bench for the next match.

Frustrated that Corey’s promotion to the first team and that his anonymity remains protected, Kevin Webster, Nina and Asha Alahan agree that his teammates should be made aware of the truth about him.

Corey in his Weatherfield County training kit

Kevin asks James to have a discreet word with County’s manager as the team deserves to know they are playing alongside a murderer but when that fails Kevin resolves to speak to the manager himself.

Tim offers to accompany him as Kevin reckons Corey getting thrown out of County might bring Abi home.

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