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Corrie fans spot blunder as Vicky’s baby is born without an umbilical cord in unrealistic scenes

CORONATION Street aired unrealistic labour scenes last night that saw Vicky Jeffries's baby born without an umbilical cord and placenta.

Fans witnessed Vicky giving birth in an explosive episode, but noticed something very different about the delivery.

Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) was on hand to play midwife to panicking Vicky (Kerri Quinn) as the baby appeared to be coming quickly.

She eventually gave birth to a baby boy, but fans were left bemused when she defied medical science and delivered the tot without an umbilical cord.

One said: "Whoa.....nice delivery Michelle I must have blinked whilst you cut the cord washed away the vernix and fed him up to a week old bairn. It’s immaculate"

Another fan commented: "Very neat birth, baby came out very clean, especially considering Michelle didn't clean him off. Also, there was no snip of the umbilical cord. I gave birth to my son 10 years ago tomorrow morning, whilst it was so long ago, I don't remember it being that easy"

Michelle was forced to deliver Vicky's baby as the Bistro manager is helping Vicky frame their former fiancee Robert Preston for her murder.

But heavily pregnant Vicky had been cooped up in a hotel room in order to sell the lie that she has been killed by Robert.

In Wednesday night’s episode viewers saw Vicky in the early stages of labour in the hotel room where she has been hiding as part of the two women’s plan to frame Robert for murder, but she sent Michelle away saying she was fine.

Vicky called Michelle to say she was in labour and with the baby about to arrive, the women made the decision about whether to break their cover and call for help.

Michelle Connor walks out on her wedding to Robert Preston in Coronation Street

However as things began to move quickly Michelle realised she was going to have to deliver the baby herself.

With Michelle's painful loss of baby Ruari it is a bittersweet moment for her as she helps Vicky have the baby.

They are both relieved when Vicky successfully and safely delivers a baby boy but the women then face an even more difficult decision.