Coronation Street viewers have been left creeped out by Hope Stape's hatred of her unborn sibling.

The daughter of Fiz Brown and serial killer John Stape has only ever known Tyrone Dobbs as her father, so naturally Tyrone and Fiz's split and his new romance with Alina Pop has not gone down well.

After already destroying a soft toy she wanted to give to her new sibling and seeming very angry with Alina and her dad Tyrone Dobbs’ new plans, Hope is clearly about to do something dangerous.

On Monday Hope discovered that her step-dad was actually expecting a son with his Alina prompting a furious jealousy to rage inside the girl.

Eventually, Fiz Brown collected her troubled daughter from Tyrone’s and the girl’s resentment was clear to see when they returned home.

Hope Stape is furious that Tyrone is having a son in Coronation Street (



“He’s going to like the baby more than me and Ruby,” said Hope to Fiz, noting that Tyrone always wanted a baby boy.

Hope shouts: “I hate him and I hate that baby!”

Fiz sends Hope to her room but we later see the angry little girl produce the keys to Alina’s flat from her coat pocket when on the stairs.

The jealous child has clearly got some dark actions in mind.

What evil actions does Hope have in mind?

One person penned on Twitter : “That Hope has some serious issues, then again can't blame her when your told one thing and then another #corrie#coronationstreet ”.

Another Corrie fan tweeted: “Little Hope makes mad Meena look like Mother Theresa# corrie”.

Meanwhile, a different soap viewer wrote of the little girl: “ Hope is such an evil child. #Corrie ”.

Fiz Brown is disturbed by her daughter's words (



Elsewhere, another social media user commented: “imagine having a sister that hates you already and they aren’t even out of the womb yet

|that’s scary all i’m saying is tyrone and alina better keep their baby son away from hope at all costs sister or not. #corrie ”.

Finally, one Coronation Street fan concluded: “Oh dear, Hope is not happy. She is bad just like John Stape. [smiling devil emoji] #Corrie ”.

The drama will continue in tonight's second episode.

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