Coronation Street fans were left with raised eyebrows tonight ahead of Yasmeen Nazir's trial as they watched Geoff Metcalfe burst into song.

The cobbles villain, played by Ian Bartholomew, surprised fans by crooning along to Supertramp's Breakfast in America.

Initially, Yasmeen was seen morosely wandering around in her cell as she anticipated the day ahead.

But Geoff was suddenly seen opposite her before he began merrily singing as he gazed at himself in the mirror.

"Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got," he crooned as he adjusted his tie. "Not much of a girlfriend but never seem to get a lot.

And baffled fans took to Twitter to comment, with one writing: "oh my god what is happening #corrie."

While another commented: "What in the bloody hell #corrie."

A third remarked: "I thought Coronation Street was going all #Glee then. #Corrie."

"#Corrie Oh geez! Cringe!!!!" another commented.

One quipped: "Well this is, slightly disturbing #Corrie."

Tonight, Tim was reunited with his mum as he visited her in the psychiatric hospital.

As he apologised for not believing her, the pair shared a heartwarming moment but he then asked her to give evidence at the trial.

The thought of facing her ex-husband again sent shivers down her spine as she confessed that she believed Geoff has been spying on her.

Tim tried his best to help Elaine to reconsider as she is Yasmeen's last hope.

Meanwhile, the court began to get underway and Geoff played to the jury, claiming Yasmeen fiercely attacked him with a broken bottle.

But Imran later cross examined Geoff, who was forced to admit that his first wife, Elaine, might not be dead and she might be Tim's mum...

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