With their unbeatable prices and quality products, it's hardly surprising that shoppers have ranked Aldi and Lidl the UK's top in-store supermarket over former go-to's.

Aldi beat stiff competition from rival supermarkets like Asda, M&S and Sainsbury's after receiving a five-star rating for value for money and a 73% per cent overall score for satisfaction, whilst Lidl came in third place with a score of 67 per cent in an annual Which? report.

But despite taking the UK by storm with its simple, high quality at low prices vision, many of us are still having a pretty hard time working out how to pronounce them correctly - and you might be stunned to find out you've been saying them all wrong.

There has been an ongoing debate on how you should correctly pronounce Lidl and Aldi

First off, when it comes to Aldi, many people tend to say drag out the 'A' syllable.

But, according to the retailer itself, we should be saying Al-di.

The name actually came from the surname of the brothers who started the chain in 1946, Karl Albrecht and his brother Theo.

The 'Al' is taken from Albrecht, and the 'di' comes from discount.

And when it comes to Lidl, things get a little trickier.

Many British people often say it with a short, sharp 'Li' at the start, like 'lid-uhl'.

But, in its home-town, it's pronounced lee-dell.

However, these aren't the only retailer names that we've been saying wrong.

Nutella - the tasty chocolate spread - is one of the most commonly mispronounced brands out there.

Whilst it may seem like common sense to say Nut-ell-ah - since it's made from hazelnuts - it's actually pronounced Nu-tell-uh.

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