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Coronavirus reaches Europe for the first time as two cases confirmed in France

DEADLY coronavirus has reached Europe from China - with two confirmed cases in France.

France today announced the cases of the Wuhan coronavirus as fears over the spread of the bug hit fever pitch.

One patient has been hospitalised in Paris and the other in the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

The shock news comes as it emerged a flight that landed at Charles de Gaulle airport yesterday left Wuhan AFTER the city was put in quarantine with all travel meant to be banned

French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said during a press conference these were the first two cases in Europe.

The minister added it was likely other cases would arise in the country.

And the UK government has been slammed for its reaction to the outbreak which is putting thousands of British lives at risk.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock was ordered today to “pull his finger out” as 14 Brits were hospitalised over the killer virus.

Acting Lib Dem boss Ed Davey told Sun Online: “It’s time Matt Hancock pulled his finger out. We need to know how long the UK government has known the level of threat and how he is going to protect our citizens.

“These problems do not know borders and Hancock needs to work with international partners to stop this situation before it gets worse.”

In Britain 14 people have been hospitalised over the illness, with fears that thousands more people could be at risk.

After days of intensive checks by medics in quarantined wards all of the patients were given the all-clear this afternoon

Out of the 14, five were tested for the killer illness in Edinburgh and Glasgow hospitals, while a man was being assessed in Belfast and another in Hillingdon.

Panicked Chinese students have now started rushing to buy surgical masks as coronavirus fears grip the University of Edinburgh.

A university pharmacy has run out of masks after selling more than a year's worth of stock in just one day.

Boots stores in the city have also "completely run out" and a sign in one store read "unfortunately we do not have any surgical or face masks in store".

Some people are said to have taken to using bizarre techniques such as drinking rice vinegar to fight the risk of contracting the killer virus.

And stories are emerging of some students locking themselves inside.

More to follow...

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