The UK coronavirus death toll – as of Wednesday – has risen to 39,728 after 359 more people died with the virus.

The latest death toll released by the Department of Health and Social Care also includes Covid-19 related deaths in care homes and the wider community.

Meanwhile, The Government has shared a lengthy response to 13 claims made by Channel 4’s Dispatches on their failures during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the programme, members of the SPI-B committee of behavioural scientists told how they were ‘horrified’ to see Boris Johnson advocating for shaking hands, while the delay in acquiring ventilators was described as ‘deeply irresponsible’. Experts also claimed the Prime Minister was opting for a ‘herd immunity’ strategy.

A spokesperson for the Government has dismissed the claims, arguing that they have ‘taken the right steps’ to battle the coronavirus pandemic and were guided by the ‘advice of experts’



‘Instead of accepting the claims of a rushed documentary which set out to find failings rather than to inform, we advise viewers to read the published evidence themselves,’ they continued.

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