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Coronavirus live – first cases WITHOUT links to travel confirmed as Government warns 70 per cent of Brits are at risk


GOVERNMENT officials have warned that 70 per cent of Brits could develop the deadly Coronavirus.

The news comes as unexplained cases of the virus were confirmed by US health bosses among patients with no travel links, suggesting it could now be "community spread".

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  • Nicola Agius 's avatarNicola Agius2 minutes ago29th February 2020


    Donald Trump has suggested that the Coronavirus is a hoax.

    During a campaign rally in South Carolina, the US President claimed that the deadly virus is the Democrats' “new hoax”.

    He told crowds of supporters: “They have no clue. They tried the impeachment hoax … this is their new hoax.”

  • Nicola Agius 's avatarNicola Agius14 minutes ago29th February 2020


    Coronavirus has now claimed the lives of 43 people in Iran.

    According to an Iranian Health Ministry spokesman this morning, this is amid the 593 confirmed diagnoses in Iran.

    This means that the country now has the biggest Coronavirus death toll outside of China.

  • Nicola Agius 's avatarNicola Agius20 minutes ago29th February 2020


    Researchers have estimated that around one per cent of Coronavirus cases will result in death.

    This works out to be between five and 40 Coronavirus cases in every 1,000.

    However, health experts have stressed that a range of factors need to be taken into consideration, including age, sex and general health.

    In addition, where a patient lives is also a factor as the effectiveness of diagnosing the condition varies from country to country, according to the researchers at Imperial College.

  • Nicola Agius 's avatarNicola Agius20 minutes ago29th February 2020


    Officials in the US have confirmed two new Coronavirus cases developed by patients with no travel links.

    A person in California and another in Oregon have both developed the potentially deadly Covid-19, despite not having ventured to affected countries or having any contact with those that have.

    Concerns are now growing that Coronavirus could be “community spread”.

    Dr Sara Cody, health officer for Santa Clara county and director of the county of Santa Clara public health department, explained: “This new case indicates that there is evidence of community transmission but the extent is still not clear.”

  • Nicola Agius 's avatarNicola Agius30 minutes ago29th February 2020


    The UK Government has warned that up to 70% of Brits could develop Coronavirus.

    In a worst case scenario situation, one in ten Brits will be hospitalised after developing the Covid-19 virus.

    In response, health bosses have been drawing up plans to prepare the nation, which reportedly include proposals to cancel hospital operations and ration treatments in order to contain the outbreak.