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Coronavirus in Parliament? Alok Sharma self-isolates & takes COVID test after shock video

The House of Commons may be contaminated with coronavirus as eagle-viewers spotted Tory MP Alok Sharma showing COVID-19 symptoms while addressing the House. Mr Sharma has since gone into self-isolation and taken a coronavirus test. During his address in Parliament, Mr Sharma repeatedly appeared to wipe the sweat off his face and struggle through his speech. 

He tweeted: "Business Secretary Alok Sharma self-isolating and has been tested for coronavirus. 

"He began feeling unwell in the chamber today, a spokesperson has said." 

This has sparked fears that other MPs could now be carrying the deadly disease or have contracted it in the same way Mr Sharma did, if not from him.

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Coronavirus in Parliament? Alok Sharma self-isolates - Takes COVID test after shock video (Image: PARLIAMENT TV )

Many were concerned that the large number of MPs who were in the House of Commons yesterday may have made the situation worse, if Mr Sharma has passed it on. 

One concerned Twitter user wrote: "I wonder how many people Alok Sharma infected yesterday in the Mogg conga?"

Another furiously added: "It was a wrong decision to drag MPs to the Parliament when everything could have got done by virtual Parliament.

"We don't know how many more MPs have caught the virus.

"I blame Jacob Rees-Mogg."

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Many were concerned that the large number of MPs who were in the House of Commons yesterday may have made the situation worse, if Mr Sharma has passed it on. (Image: PARLIAMENT TV)

Another added: "Bravo Jacob Rees-Mogg, another genius decision.

"If it turns out to be COVID-19 just think how many are now at risk.

"It's almost like someone with an ounce of common sense could see this coming.

"You are an embarrassment."


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UK stages of easing lockdown (Image: DAILY EXPRESS)

Some commentators reflected on the possibility that this may force Boris Johnson's Government to slow down their plans to relax lockdown measures.

A frustrated social media user wrote: "Britsh common sense on full display yesterday and today.

"I hope Alok Sharma is okay and doesn't have COVID-19 but maybe this will the Government some pause about their rush to relax the lockdown in the face of evidence.

"And also for their rush to get rid of virtual sittings/votes."

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