Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews has admitted to having a change of heart after filming ‘epic’ stunt scenes.

The Jenny Connor actress is set to be at the forefront of some of the ITV soap’s biggest ever scenes next week.

The Rovers Return landlady will find herself being swallowed up by the sinkhole in the Platt’s back garden.

In recent episodes, viewers have seen Jenny getting lots of attention from newcomer Leo - who is working on fixing said sinkhole.

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After originally trying to get him set up with step-daughter Daisy, Jenny was stunned to realise that Leo was actually more interested in her.

While Johnny has appeared to take his ex-wife’s new romance quite well, Carla breaks the news to Jenny that Johnny is moving to Bali leaving her stunned.

Later in the beer tent at Debbie’s House of Horrors event while on a date night with Leo, Jenny bumps into Johnny and tells him that she hopes he isn’t leaving because of her.

But as the pair share a heart-to-heart, Ryan is quickly trying to evacuate to the area after the music cut and just a hole was left in the ground where the generator was.

Jenny bumps into Johnny at Debbie's Halloween event

Leo tells David and Shona that he suspects it’s linked to the sinkhole in their garden.

Jenny then goes in search of Leo and a horrified Shona is soon watching on as Jenny is swallowed up by the ground.

Then, ignoring Shona’s words of warning, Johnny edges himself into the sinkhole, determined to rescue Jenny.

But the pair both become trapped in rising water as the rainstorm continues to cause havoc.

Johnny tries to help his ex-wife

“She is worried about Leo and what he’s doing and his safety,” Sally Ann said of Jenny to press including the Manchester Evening News.

“She can’t find him and she’s stood in the p***ing rain very late at night, very cold and all of a sudden the earth opens up.”

But Sally Ann wasn’t excited about being part of all the “Super Soap Week” action.

“How many times have I said in interviews, ‘Give me a ten-page monologue, don’t give me anything to do.’

They are both trapped as the water continues to rise

“I don’t like action, I bloody hate it,” she confessed.

“I thought getting tasered was bad,” Sally then joked referring to earlier this year when she was struck down by Sharon Bentley in broad daylight.

However, she has since had a change of heart.

“I got there and love it. I loved every single second of it,” Sally Ann admitted.

The stunning episodes were filmed over three weeks of day and night shoots with special effects used for the storm while the intricate underground sewerage system was designed and built at Space Studios in Manchester before being attached to a sophisticated pulley system so it could be lowered into a swimming pool for filming.

“I did write to Iain [MacLeod, Coronation Street's executive producer] and Verity [MacLeod, assistant producer] after we’d finished the main six day section and said, ‘Please can I be in a sinkhole every week’,” Sally continued.

“Because I absolutely loved it.”

Sally Ann said her initial reservations came as she’s self-admittedly “risk-averse” and “gets scared by stuff” because her “imagination goes into overdrive.”

The Oldham-born actress says in this situation she felt comfortable in the water and had “brilliant people” around her.

Sally Ann filming the water scenes

“Because we were bubbled, and because of where we shot it at Space Studio, this was the first time in about 18-months we saw every other department and we really worked as a team for the first time in that length of time,” Sally Ann said.

“And also, to be able to get close to Richard [Hawley, who plays Johnny] again was just a joy and to work with other people closely who Jenny doesn’t usually interact with.”

But despite her u-turn on the stunt scenes, you won’t see Sally Ann doing anything crazy like SAS: Who Dares Wins.

“I’d never choose to do something like this,” she said. “I wouldn’t go out off my own back and do anything like this.

“If it wasn’t written down, and to be fair when I got it I didn’t realise how much was involved then it’s a bit too late once you’re there.”

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