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Coronation Street’s Richard Hawley teases ‘sheer terror’ for Johnny as Scott threatens to ‘destroy his family’

CORONATION Street actor Richard Hawley gives fans an insight into how Johnny Connor is feeling after being blackmailed.

Corrie viewers know that Scott (Tom Roberts) has been planning to rob Ray and his mates for weeks - and has blackmailed Johnny into agreeing to help, otherwise he will hurt his family.

Johnny escaped to France for a while hoping Scott would disappear again, but has had the schemer looming a dark shadow over him ever since his return to the cobble.

"Johnny’s been faced with sheer terror by this blast from the past. Johnny has skeletons in the closet and this ghost from the past, with whom he has a serious common history, is now threatening his future," Hawley told Metro.

"There’s also real mixed emotions for Johnny, what happened with Scott was a long time go and while Johnny has completely reinvented himself they were once very close, he does feel guilty about his part in it and maybe feels he owes Scott something but he does not want to go back down that route."

But Johnny is terrified Scott will reveal his past to his family including wife, Jenny.

So he goes to Ray to warn him about Scott in the hopes that will get rid of him.

"He pulls a bit of a fast one and talks to Ray about Scott’s past, yes he knows the truth about Scott but he’s no friend of Ray’s either. I think he sees it as an opportunity to try and push Scott out of Weatherfield and get rid of the problem that way. 

"He 100% does not want this to get out, he thinks it will completely destroy his family. Nobody knows about this, not even Carla.

"He doesn’t want Jenny to know who he was or what he did. Scott still has a hold over him, he’s constantly threatening to tell Johnny’s friends and family about what they did in the past."

The actor added: "So Scott turning up has not only brought back the past, it’s threatening to blow his cover and the life he’s created."

Scott then found out Johnny had spoken to Ray and was left angered.

It lead him to trying to force Johnny in being the getaway driver from his planned robbery.

"He’s absolutely stuck which brings on massive stress and attacks Johnny’s health. He tries to tell Scott that with his MS he couldn’t do it anyway," Hawley explained.

"They were young and it was a long time ago, Johnny’s changed, he’s tried to build a whole new respectable loving family so why should that be destroyed when he doesn’t want to do it."

Hawley who was known for his role on Family Affairs before joining Corrie in 2015 said he was loving his character's storyline.

"I’m enjoying it [the story] hugely, it’s a different kind of story for me, it’s very much Johnny’s story and it’s great to work with other actors like Tom," he said.

"My stories so far have been very family based, with Aidan, Kate and Carla, then Johnny’s illness and his relationship with Jenny. This is something that’s taken place outside of all that yet threatens it all.

"It brings a whole new dimension to the character which is lovely for me to play."

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