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Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer takes the school’s headteacher hostage as Fiz Stape and her troubled daughter Hope return

Cor-t out

Fiz Stape will make a return to the cobbles in Coronation Street next week, along with her troubled daughter, Hope.
But their homecoming isn’t the happiest of affairs as Tyrone Dobbs realises he’s forgotten to enrol Hope in the local school.

Tyrone – who’s played by Alan Halsall - frantically contacts the head of Bessie Street school while his grandmother, Evelyn Plummer, suggests he speaks to Brian Packham to see if he can pull any strings with his old colleagues.

Brian tells Tyrone and Evelyn there’s no place for Hope at Bessie Street, but not to worry because she’ll be allocated a space at another school instead.
Tyrone is gutted but when Evelyn – Maureen Lipman - tells him she’s sorted everything, he’s dubious.
Later, Tyrone tells Evelyn that he’s booked a meeting with the head to plead Hope’s case and hopes she can find a place for the little girl.

But as Tyrone and Brian sit down with the head, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Evelyn who claims she’s come along for moral support.
When the head politely explains there isn’t a place for Hope at Bessie Street, Evelyn barricades them all in the office and stages a protest.
Fiz – actress Jennie McAlpine who’s returning from maternity leave - arrives at the scene and is horrified by what she sees.
Before long, the police and a reporter arrive at the school while Tyrone pleads with Evelyn to see sense.

Brian eventually grabs the keys and lets them all out but Evelyn in unrepentant.

Fiz is furious that Tyrone missed the deadline and tells him Hope would be better off back in Birmingham.

Will she head straight back there?
It was revealed last month that Fiz and Tyrone are set to face a challenging time and split when teaching assistant, Jade, drives a wedge between them later this year.

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