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Coronation Street: Gemma’s depression storyline explained as Sam Aston reveals Chesney’s horror

GEMMA Winter terrifies Chesney in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street when she has a panic attack and leaves the quads alone on a bus.

The incident eventually leads to Gemma finally confiding in Chesney about her mental health struggles - a secret she’s been keeping from him for months.

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What does Chesney discover about Gemma in Coronation Street?

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street will see Chesney discover that Gemma is suffering from mental health issues after a dramatic incident makes clear that she's not coping with the quads.

The upcoming scenes will see Gemma board a bus with the quads but rush off suddenly when she has a panic attack.

Realising the babies have been left on board, Chesney then sprints after the bus and rescues them.

At a loss what to do, he rings Bernie for advice.

Chesney and Bernie then team up to get through to Gemma about the incident but she storms out of the room.

An upset Gemma bumps into Rita on the cobbles and opens up about her dark feelings.

Gemma then returns home and confides in Chesney thanks to Rita’s wise words.

What has actor Sam Aston said about Chesney in Corrie?

Speaking about Chesney’s reaction to Gemma leaving their babies on the bus, Sam told “All Chesney sees is Gemma get on the bus with the quads and then suddenly get off leaving them on board. He is horrified and has to run after the bus to rescue the babies. He is out of his depth and calls Bernie.

“He and Bernie try to talk to her but she gets upset and refuses to speak to them both and storms out of the house. Chesney is worried sick but when she returns having spoken to Rita she finally tells him just how bad things have got and that she is a terrible mother. Chesney is horrified to realise she has been feeling like this and he realises she needs to see the doctor.”

Speaking about Chesney’s reaction to Gemma’s depression, Sam added: "He knows she hasn’t been doing too well but he has also been under pressure so he hasn’t really thought it is anything more than just the stress of having all the children to deal with. Bernie and Gemma didn’t tell him about the doctor’s appointment so he is in the dark. He is also a bit annoyed about the fact that Bernie has moved back in and that the two of them are rowing.

"When Aled finally hears their voices it is a huge moment and Gemma feels that she can cope on her own without Bernie’s help.Bernie tells him to keep an eye on Gemma but the real problem is that Gemma doesn’t want to open up to Chesney, she is in denial and as Bernie hasn’t told him about the nature of her concerns he doesn’t push it."

What’s next for Gemma in Coronation Street?

Corrie has confirmed that things will start to look up for Gemma in the coming weeks when she’s finally diagnosed with postnatal depression after seeking help.

Chesney is there to comfort her and Bernie offers to cover his job at the kebab shop for a while to give him the time and space to support Gemma.

Gemma is touched and, supported by her family, she feels ready to tackle her problems head on.

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