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Coronation Street fans say Sally is going to expose Geoff after learning he’s been sleeping with prostitutes

CORRIE fans think the tide is turning for Geoff and his sea of lies after Sally finds out he’s been sleeping with sex workers.

Alya told Sally who was horrified and immediately told her husband, Tim, who questioned his father, Geoff.

In tonight’s episode of Corrie, viewers watched as Sally’s suspicions over Geoff’s innocence grew more and more.

After chatting with Alya in the Rovers, Sally was horrified to learn that Geoff had been seeing sex workers while with Yasmeen.

She immediately told her husband Tim, Geoff’s son, who laughed it off.

Sally said: “Your dad has been seeing escorts.”

To which Tim replied: “What? He's looking for a new car?” Classic Dim Tim.

As Geoff made his way down the stairs and Tim confronted him, the abusers face said everything that Sally needed to know.

Fans were thrilled watching as Sally, played by Sally Dyvenor, started piecing together the evidence pointing to her father-in-law being an absolute ratbag.

One wrote: “Oh Geoff’s downfall is coming.”

“i am SO glad the woman of the street all seem to be onto geoff.. carla, eileen, cathy, sally, evelyn.. woman solidarity,” added another.

A third penned: “Karma is coming for you Geoff, big style!!”

While a fourth chortled: “There all on to Geoff and I love it”

On Tuesday Sally Dyvenor appeared on This Morning where she revealed her character will become pivotal in the ongoing storyline.

The star explained: "Remember, Sally spent time in prison for something that she didn't do, so there's no way she will allow Yasmeen to spend years behind bars for something she didn't do."

When asked if it will impact her character's relationship with Tim, Sally continued: "This is really going to be affected because he's on Team Geoff, and I was on Team Geoff but now I found out about what's going on, I'm going on to Team Yasmeen.”

Sally's turning point comes when she finds out that Geoff used an escort agency while he was married to Yasmeen.

Viewers have long suspected Sally holds the key to exposing father-in-law Geoff's web of lies after she began to finally see through his "nice guy" act.

Coronation Street has been dominated by Geoff's abuse this year, which came to a head when Yasmeen snapped and jabbed him in the neck with a broken bottle - an attack she is now facing a life behind bars for.

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