Coronation Street fans were surprised to spot a familiar face on the soap this week.

In Monday night's double bill of the ITV soap, viewers saw Daniel Osbourne and David Platt trying to make amends following a fall out over Max.

David had reported his adopted son's new teacher to the school for assaulting him, after Daniel accused him of stealing his wallet.

The incident at Weatherfield High spilled onto the cobbles and Daniel grabbed Max to search him before being spotted by David.

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As they tried to clear the air, David became even more infuriated and decided he wanted Daniel sacked.

The matter was then taken out of the school's hands when David reported it to the police - and Daniel was suspended.

However, David was later left backtracking when Max was caught trying to use Daniel’s bank card in Dev's shop and confronted his son, only for him to hand over the wallet.

Daniel and David were attempting to sort out their differences

Despite the high tension, Corrie fans couldn't help but spot Weatherfield High's new deputy headmistress from another iconic show.

My Parents Are Aliens star Carla Mendonca is now playing Daniel new boss, Orla Cranshaw.

The actress is best known for playing Sophie Johnson in the CITV children's TV series in the noughties.

But back then she was recognised as a red-headed Valuxian alien who, alongside Brian, found themselves living on earth and fostering three orphans - Mel, Josh, and Lucy Barker.

My Parents Are Aliens star Carla Mendonca is now playing Daniel new boss,

Carla also appeared in My Dad's the Prime Minister and played Mrs. Fitzgerald in the CBBC series So Awkward.

And viewers couldn't believe it.

"Omggg it’s the mum (mk2) from My Parents Are Aliens #corrie," tweeted one.

Another said: "I knew I recognised the headmistress from somewhere! #Corrie."

"David being told off by Sophie from My parents are aliens! love it! #corrie," a third added.

A fourth said: "It’s Sophie from My Parents Are Aliens!!!"

""OMG it's her, Max's headteacher is from So Awkward and My Parents Are Aliens LOL I can't believe it, I literally grew up with her! @ITVCorrie," another commented.

A viewer also jokes: "Dont trust her she's an alien #coronationstreet #corrie."

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