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Coronation Street fans left sick with dizziness by shaky camerawork as Yasmeen suffers worst panic attack yet

CORONATION Street viewers were left feeling sick with dizziness by the shaky camerawork tonight as Yasmeen Nazir suffered her worst panic attack yet. 

Yasmeen - who is played by Shelley King in the ITV soap - is struggling to get over her abuse ordeal at the hands of Geoff after discovering she is up to her eyeballs in debt.

Corrie viewers know that controlling Geoff forced Yasmeen to take out a number of huge loans for him ahead of his death.

And tonight Yasmeen reached breaking point as she received a County Court Judgement and grew worried sick she’d be sent back to prison.

When Tim called at Speed Daal with the paperwork for the transfer of Geoff’s assets, Yasmeen suffered a panic attack and begged him to leave.

She cried: "I’m fine. He’s dead. Everything’s perfect. I can move on. That’s what everyone keeps telling me. Move on, get a cat, get a dog. Get chickens. Move on Yasmeen. He’s rotting in hell. I am rotting on earth. There’s no peace.”

She added: “He’s everywhere. He’s in my ear, in my head clear as a bell.”

Yasmeen then insisted to Tim and Alya that she didn’t want Speed Daal or her house as she’d be back in prison soon anyway - and ran off. 

Things only got worse as Yasmeen locked herself in her house, clutching her chest and falling to the floor as she struggled to breathe. 

Alya followed and began banging loudly on the door when she realised Yasmeen had locked it, begging her grandmother to let her in.

The emotional scenes were shown from Yasmeen’s perspective with shaky camerawork and distorted audio - and it left fans feeling sick with dizziness.

One fan tweeted: "Sick of the silly editing in soaps. Is it because of the social distancing? Trying to stop awkward rescues?"

Another added: "These effects for Yasmeen are giving me a stroke."

A third chimed in: "Amazing direction in tonight's #Corrie - the angles with Yasmeen make us feel the intensity and severity of her situation - genius."

Later, in hospital, Alya and Elaine looked at Yasmeen in her hospital bed and feared she’d never recover from her abuse ordeal.

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