A police officer who was recorded threatening his girlfriend after she accused him of cheating on her has walked free from court.

Christopher Crossan, 38, got into a heated argument after Debbie McNicol challenged him after viewing dash-cam footage which aroused suspicions he had been unfaithful.

After seeing the footage she phoned PC Crossan at work and when he returned confronted him over the allegations which he denied.

Police were called to the property in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, and officers arrested him
Police were called to the property in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, and officers arrested him

She recorded him on her mobile phone shouting phrases such as 'your crazy little f*****g head', 'you are a f*****g mess', 'you are a f*****g nightmare', 'I'm not your f*****g skivvy' and 'you are in f*****g denial'.

Police were called to the property in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, and officers arrested him.

Crossan, of East Kilbride, appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted acting in a threatening and abusive manner towards Miss McNicol in April last year.

But he wept as he was granted an absolute discharge by Sheriff David Bicket which means the incident does not appear on his record.

Father-of-two Crossan, who has a previous road traffic conviction, has been a constable since he was aged 21 and is based in Motherwell, Lanarkshire.

Depute fiscal Jennifer Guy said: "The witness McNicol viewed video footage on a dash-cam which raised suspicions with her and their relationship.

"There had been issues between both parties in terms of her position of the accused's fidelity.

"The witness has then phoned the accused and confronted him with the findings which he denied.

"The couple argued on the telephone and after the phone call, text messages were sent back and forth between them on the accused's fidelity.

"The accused returned home and they continued to argue and during this the witness recorded part of this argument on her mobile phone.

"Both parties were shouting and swearing about their relationship and police were thereafter called."

Alasdair Gillies, defending, said: "He joined the police aged 21 so has some lengthy service.

"The complainer has a medical condition which, regrettably, comes with paranoia.

"Part of that condition is continued infidelity accusations towards him at the nearest contact with females and he denies any such accusations.

"In the morning of this incident Mr Crossan was at work and suddenly faced a phone call which was very aggressive and accusatorial from the complainer and from there there were extensive text messages.

"This argument was recorded by the complainer and it is fair to say both were giving as good as each other.

"For a momentary lapse of control he behaved in a way that is completely out of character and he acknowledges they were not nice things to have said to his partner.

"This is one of those cases which may merit an exceptional outcome."

Sheriff Bicket told Crossan: "It is apparent to me that the circumstances in this case leading up to these events were exceptional.

"You must have been under huge pressure as was the lady concerned.

"You clearly acted out of character.

"I don't often give absolute discharges for domestic offending but I don't think I have come across one where the accumulation of matters has made your behaviour on this occasion understandable so I will grant an absolute discharge."

Prosecutors accepted a not guilty plea to an assault charge alleging he had pushed her on the body causing her to fall to the ground and cause her body to strike household items to her injury.

They also dropped a second assault charge which alleged Crossan had uttered threats of violence towards her and thrown food items at her which struck her on the body.

Police Scotland were approached for comment.