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Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2: MMA pros predict the winner of UFC 257 rematch on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi

CONOR MCGREGOR will make his eagerly-anticipated return to the octagon this weekend.

The former two-division champion will throw down with his old featherweight rival Dustin Poirier on Saturday night in the main event of UFC 257 on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

The bout will be a rematch of their clash at UFC 178 six years ago, which McGregor won via devastating first-round KO.

Poirier has come on leaps and bounds since that setback, winning ten of his last 13 and claiming the interim lightweight title.

So how will the pair's second meeting pan out?

SunSport put that very question to five top fighters ahead of the UFC's first pay-per-view card of 2021.

Stephen Thompson

Dustin Poirier, obviously, has made some tremendous improvements since the last time he fought Conor.

So he's got that, obviously.

He's improved and he's a wiser fighter. His skill levels have gone up as well.

But Conor McGregor, you've got to understand even though you haven't seen him in the octagon in a little while, of course, he fought and demolished Cerrone, he's a life-long martial artist.

So he's always training, always having guys in to train with him. Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, striking; he's very good. It could easily go the same way it did the first time, you know?

Conor McGregor goes out there and lands his left hand and knocks him out. He's got very good boxing. And that's what Dustin Poirier is known for, his boxing.

But if Dustin is going to win, he's going to have to make it dirty. He's going to really have to get in his face and use that dirty boxing to end up finishing or at least tire out Conor McGregor.


Conor McGregor is a space fighter. He loves to keep the distance, he loves to use his movement, fairly similar to myself.

So if he's able to keep that distance, I think Conor's going to win it.

McGregor 1 Poirier 0

Jack Hermansson

I feel like Poirier is a better fighter than the last time they fought. But if it's going to be a striking match, I believe Conor is going to have the upper hand.

But if Poirier is smart, he'll push the pace, he's going to wrestle and he's going to do the magic recipe to beat Conor. And that's to make him tired first.

So if he does that, then he'll have a good chance to win. But I believe that Conor is going to pull it off.

McGregor 2 Poirier 0

Rhys McKee

I kind of seeing it going kind of the same as how it went the first time. I think Conor is just a different level to Dustin.

Although Dustin has had a good run. But I just think Conor will be too much for him again.

I think, maybe, it'll go into the second round this time instead of so early. But I can't see it being a different result.

McGregor 3 Poirier 0

Muhammad Mokaev

I believe Conor McGregor will win against Dustin Poirier. Conor McGregor is a good fighter, he's talented.

But as a person, I know we're the same management, Paradigm, me and Conor. But as I person, I don't like this guy. But as a fighter... I believe maybe he'll change one day.

We humans, we're not perfect. One day maybe he'll realise. And may God put him on the right path one day. We cannot judge him on his behaviour right now. We cannot say this is bad guy and that's it.

Maybe he changes. If God can forgive us, who are we not to forget about stuff. So maybe one day he'll change.

He's done a lot for the sport, but he changed his behaviour and it's a very bad example for kids, you know, punching older people and advertising whiskey, alcohol.

For the sport, this is not good. But I believe he'll win against Dustin Poirier.

McGregor 4 Poirier 0

Cory McKenna

I'm terrible at fight predictions. You might have to skip me on this one, haha.

I watch all the fights, but I really hate making calls when it comes to making fights. Especially being involved in the sport.

I know so much can go on in terms of preparation and there's always the puncher's chance, or whatever they say. But I'll make a guess and I'll go with Poirier.

McGregor 4 Poirier 1

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