A DINGHY was recovered by a mountain rescue team as they visited a Lake District quarry over the weekend.

During a ‘familiarisation visit’ Coniston Mountain Rescue Team picked up the item as they conducted a litter pick at Hodge Close quarry.

And the team has now hit out at visitors leaving their rubbish at the quarry, claiming the litter spoils its ‘beauty’.

A spokesperson said: “Hodge Close is a very interesting place, popular with divers and climbers, but it does have its dangers, we have had a number of 'interesting' incidents in there.

“Unfortunately, the beauty of this man-made hole in the ground is spoilt to some degree by the amount of rubbish that has been dumped in there over the years.

“It would take a large number of skips and be a mammoth logistical task to clear it all up so it will never be done, we did our little bit by filling a couple of bags with some of the cans, bottles etc, that have been dumped, please don't make it any worse.

“In particular, please do not throw anything off the top into the hole, you have no idea who might be climbing below you or diving in the deep water.”