Concern is growing for a vulnerable Hull man described as 'kind, generous and caring' who has been missing for over 20 days.

Daniel Turner, also known as Danny, has not been seen since November 11, when he walked out of his supported living accommodation and staff fear that someone may have taken advantage of his gentle nature.

Danny, 40, has been known to spend time sleeping rough in the Newland Avenue area when he is under severe stress and suffers with his mental health.

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Despite battles with alcohol and drug addiction in the past, Danny's support workers have said he has been making amazing progress with them which has made his disappearance all the more concerning.

Support worker Peter Buckley said: "Danny is a very kind and caring man who has good relationships with all the staff at his accommodation and we're all desperate to know he is OK.

"He has been known to spend nights on the streets, particularly at times of extreme stress or anxiety, and it hasn't been unusual for him to spend two, three or four nights sleeping rough.

"He hasn't been missing for this amount of time before, he has really good relationships with the Emmaus team and we're usually aware vaguely of where he is.

"This time though he has just gone without a trace."

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Danny has two daughters and is known to have links to the Grimsby and Scunthrope areas where he has previously gone during times of hardship.

He suffers from mental health issues as well as some problems with alcohol and has a history of drug use although this is something he had recently managed to to cut out of his life.

Peter said that Danny had been making progress with the help of support workers and had seemed happy before his disappearance.

Peter said it was extremely unusual for none of the support groups to know his whereabouts and he said that staff were becoming concerned that someone may have taken advantage of his generous but vulnerable nature.

Peter said: "All of us are very concerned about where he has gone this time, for the amount of time that he has been missing, it is very worrying.

"He is a vulnerable man this is kind and generous as a default, I'm worried that someone may have taken advantage of that.

"He has a room here and we're keeping it open to him, we always do and, if he wants to come back, it will be waiting for him.

"He is very well liked here and we all just want to know that he is alright, wherever he is."

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