CONCERN is growing for the safety of children and wildlife after the level of the River Leven dropped dramatically with a breach in one of the weirs.

Appeals have been made to the Environment Agency for help, but they say that the weir is the responsibility of the landowner to maintain, although they could be helping to advise.

A local resident who lives near Low Green said at the moment the river level is low but it can rise quickly if there is substantial rain.

He added: "About three weeks ago the level of the River Leven dropped dramatically in the stretch from the road bridge to the weir out side Low Green.

"It soon became obvious that there had been a large breach in the weir which is supposed to hold the river level upstream.

"This is allowing water to pour through a large hole under the weir.

"The effect is to reduce the level by about two feet upstream of the weir which exposes tree roots and will be a problem to nesting birds.

"I am not an expert on wildlife, but a keen birdwatcher who lives nearby is concerned at the drop in level.

It is quite a lot lower. "I do know that moorhens nest on the margins of the river and they will have been affected by the loss of sites.

"I suspect everyone is passing the buck, but in the meantime the river is suffering and there is some danger to young children if they were to fall in at the point where the water rushes under the weir."

It was found a large pipe runs underneath the river and inspections are ongoing with the Parish Council.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: "Essentially the weir is for the landowner to maintain and not us."