Blame the Tory fuels

Rising pump prices and long queues at dry forecourts is a crisis the Conservative Government helped create.

So it should apologise instead of blaming everyone except itself.

The lack of planning after Brexit and failure to fill tanker and lorry driver shortages are examples of ministers’ reckless complacency.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps points the finger at the Road Haulage Association but he will find the culprit in his own mirror.

Similarly, Environment Secretary George Eustice is blaming drivers instead of owning up to months of official inaction.

Should supplies fail to return to normal within days, an emergency plan will have to be implemented to ensure essential workers such as doctors and nurses can get to work.

The Tory Government should apologise for the crisis instead of blaming others (


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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The idea of advertising for foreign drivers is a dead end in the immediate future.

There is no long queue waiting to move to Britain and, anyway, hiring them would take time. Boris Johnson’s Government is moulded by its Prime Minister, a leader forever perform-ing screeching U-turns far too late.

Chip away at it

Banning fast food billboard advertising near schools won’t in itself end rising childhood obesity – but every little helps.

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth’s willingness to seek fresh answers is a recognition that Covid-19 deepened inequalities which must be tackled or overweight kids will grow into adults with medical conditions that lead to early graves.

Doing nothing means letting giant corporations tempt people into harmful decisions.

The billboard prohibition isn’t a cure-all but it is a baby step in the right direction.

Keep Rolling

The Rolling Stones finally kicking off their US tour without Charlie Watts confirms that old showbiz cliche.

The show must go on – even without the drummer who helped make them one of the world’s greatest bands.