A TRAPPED pensioner who was struggling to breathe had to be rescued from an upstairs window by firefighters.

On Tuesday, crews and paramedics were called to a property on Dockray Street in Colne after reports an 85-year-old man had become unwell and couldn't get out of his house.

Police forced entry into the home and found the man who had been poorly and struggling to breathe for four or five days.

But then fire crews had to rescue him from upstairs because the hallway was blocked.

The spokesperson said: "The man became confined to his house when his health deteriorated.

"Crews were able to access the property but because of a large build up of materials and items within the building, they were struggling to move about inside.

"The area ladder platform was put in place so he could be removed via the upstairs window."

A police spokesperson said: "Fire officers were called to scene and the male had to be removed from the property via an upstairs window.

"The male was greeted by paramedics and taken to hospital for treatment.

"All three services worked effectively together and achieved a great result and we all wish the elderly male a speedy recovery."