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Colne: Disabled man says he has lost privacy and been abused due to building works

A DISABLED man says he was verbally abused by workmen when he complained that building works near his home have invaded his privacy.

Stephen Allen, 67 of Burrell Avenue in Colne, lives in a property owned by the Together Housing group and says that building at a nearby site on the former community centre on Glenroy Avenue have impacted his privacy and has affected his garden.

He says that his fence was removed by builders and that he lost a quarter of his garden space, where a new metal fence has been put in up preparation for a car park being built, and been left with no privacy in his bathroom and kitchen, with works taking place just 12-13 inches from his garden window.

Mr Allen said: “The builder, when I first spoke to him, said he was going to do whatever he wanted, and I’ve had builders looking in in my window.

“They said ‘haha we’ve got your garden’ and things like that, which is very childish.”

He added: “I can see them putting a fence up just behind my bathroom window and now I can’t open the blinds or the window.

“I have to keep my blinds shut now because of the workmen.”

Mr Allen suffers from heart problems, emphysema, depression and high blood pressure, which he says has worsened due to the stress the works have put him under.

He said: “It’s been affecting my blood pressure, the stress of it all.

“Everyone in these bungalows has complained because it effects everybody.”

Mr Allen says that he has raised the issue with his Together Housing site manager as well as with the police and with Pendle Council leader Councillor Mohammed Iqbal.

Councillor Iqbal however, confirmed that the case is a private dispute, does not involve council land or housing and therefore is outside of Pendle Borough Council’s remit.

Together Housing meanwhile have confirmed that they no longer own the land on which the building is taking place and that they cannot disclose who it has been sold to.

They have also said that the boundaries of Mr Allen's garden to not extend onto where the work is taking place, but that they are determined to work with him to resolve the problem.

Together Housing director for strategy, communications and communities Ian Clark said: “We are aware of the issues raised by our resident, Mr Allen, of Burrell Avenue in Colne regarding the construction work adjacent to his home.

“We are in contact with him to work through his concerns and Together Housing takes any form of unprofessional behaviour that affects our residents extremely seriously".

“This is a complicated case involving land which Together Housing no longer own.

“We have raised concerns with the owner regarding the impact on our residents and are working towards finding an acceptable solution for everyone concerned”.

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