Cocaine dealers are preparing for record sales this week as beer gardens reopen after months of lockdown.

Dealers in Birmingham are telling customers to book time slots and are taking advantage of expected demand by refusing to deliver less than two grammes.

David, a salesman from Birmingham, was shocked by his dealer’s diva demands when he asked if he would be around on Monday afternoon.

He said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when he told me I would have to book a slot on Monday because he is going to be so busy.

‘And then he told me he would not bother dropping anything off lower than two grammes, which is £80, this is shaping up to be one of the most expensive Mondays of my life already, but I can’t wait to be out with my mates on the lash again.



‘I can’t really have cocaine at home because I live with my missus and kids so I can’t wait to get out the house and blow the money I’ve saved in lockdown.’

Pub beer gardens have reopened today, giving people the first chance to have a draught pint with friends this year. Some punters, including those from Birmingham, have not been allowed in a pub since November.

Birmingham cocaine dealer ‘Pops’ told he is expecting the busiest week since England’s heroics in the World Cup in 2018.

He said: ‘I’ve had so many people phone me about Monday I have had to tell them to book a ten-minute slot because I do not want to lose out on sales.

‘Next Saturday will be absolutely mental, I’ve already got another runner booked in to cope with all the sales. People want to get on it, and as soon as they see their mates for the first time this year they will be ringing off my phone.

‘People have still been buying coke during lockdown but the pubs being closed means I’ve missed out on all the sales from those sessions which are unplanned when people bump into each other.’

A Midlands dealer further up the supply chain confirmed he had seen a spike in sales in the last week.

He said: ‘We’ve not been shifting as much during lockdown but then again our supply has been cut too because it is harder to get stuff into the country when so many imports have ground to a halt.

‘However, this last week our normal dealers have been asking for three or four times as much as they have been because the pubs are reopening.’



Carrie, a restaurant worker in her twenties, said: ‘I’ve not been able to work or go out, so when my first wage lands I’m going out with my friends and ordering the coke beforehand.

‘I’ve kept away from the illegal raves and done the right thing when it comes to social distancing and isolating so I deserve to get smashed.’

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