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Coastal funding to be splashed out in South Ayrshire

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Money netted from sea industries surrounding South Ayrshire will go to the council as part of an historic change.

The cash from Scottish Crown Estate’ marine assets is now going to local authorities, which cover coastlines around Scotland.

South Ayrshire Council has been awarded £93,299 over this financial year as part of its share from Barassie to north of Cairnryan. 

How much money each area receives depends on the size of the coastal mileage covered by the council. The sea bed zone involved stretches out to 12 nautical miles around Scotland. 

The Crown Estate sites around Scotland, which  generate the revenue include harbours, piers, jetties, pipes for oil and gas and fish farms. 

No decision has been yet on what the funds will be splashed out on in South Ayrshire. 

But Scottish Ministers’ expect the council to use the funding to ensure that it specifically benefits coastal communities.

A council paper presented to the council’s Leadership Panel last week said: “The council is keen to fund projects that involve local people and make the most of the skills and experience of people and assets within a coastal community. We know that projects that have the support of their communities are more likely to succeed, be sustainable and have a greater impact.”

It is understood a bidding process will take place before projects are awarded funding.

Twenty six local authorities sitting on Scotland’s coastline are getting a total of £7.5 million. 

The council’s Leadership Panel was presented with a report on details of the funding, including eligibility criteria, principles and priorities on January 21.