Premiership clubs will be allowed to broadcast home matches to season ticket holders and on a pay-per-view basis next season, after a deal was struck with Sky Sports.

Fans have been locked out of stadiums since March, with a special deal agreed to allow clubs to broadcast games live on their own club TV channels.

But with closed doors for the entirety of the 2020-21 season fears have been raised about a major hit to uptake next season.

Some clubs such as Kilmarnock had offered a guarantee for fans that they would get 19 games in the stadium for their purchase.

They've been forced into a rethink though as after a full season that would amount to giving away free season books.

As revealed by Record Sport clubs have called for crisis talks with Nicola Sturgeon over fans being allowed back in, with fears restrictions could run into next season and depress sales.

Now though there has been a boost for Premiership teams after a deal was struck with Sky.

They will be allowed to continue to show games on club TV to season ticket holders, as well as offering pay-per-view for fans who cannot attend.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “For the past few months, there have been intense, detailed discussions between ourselves, Sky Sports and our clubs to give fans certainty that they will be able to watch their heroes playing live next season, irrespective of when supporters are allowed back into stadia. Today’s announcement is a major boost for everyone involved in the game.

“Obviously, we are all desperate to get supporters back into grounds on a safe and sustainable basis and are making good progress in our discussions with the Scottish Government, especially given the pace of the vaccine roll-out.

“In a normal season, almost five million fans attend SPFL games, the highest per capita attendance in Europe, and the current broadcast deals have been an absolute lifeline for clubs and supporters alike as they battle the enormous financial pressures caused by Covid-19.

"The television viewer numbers for Scottish football this season have been magnificent and this was one of the key reasons behind our agreement with Sky Sports to extend our current arrangements.

“Sky Sports have been enormously supportive and, in the UK and Ireland, will continue to screen up to 48 live Scottish Premiership matches, as well as the Premiership / Championship play-off finals.

"In addition, the new deal enables Premiership clubs to broadcast on a pay per view basis every home SPFL game not selected by Sky Sports.”