A STREAM in Clitheroe has turned a vivid shade of green.

Dog walker Andrew Prescott noticed the 200-yard stretch of stream, running near Roefield Car Park in Clitheroe, had turned fluorescent green on Monday evening.

Mr Prescott, from Clitheroe, said he saw an elderly couple looking into the stream and went over to take a look.

He said: "It was bright green, at first I thought it was anti-freeze.

"You could see the bed of the stream, so the water was clear but it's green.

"I'm worried because it runs into the River Ribble."

The 55-year-old said a family member took his golden retriever out for a walk and, after briefly going in the River Ribble, it became ill and was sick.

He said: "I don't know whether it's coincidence but it's not good.

"My dog's fine now, the River Ribble itself wasn't green at the time.

"The elderly couple said they would report the issue to the authorities."

Mr Prescott said the stream runs past the Edisford Caravan Park.

The Environment Agency could not confirm what had happened to the stream, but investigations were being carried out.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: "The Environment Agency are aware of this incident and we thank the members of the public who reported it to us.

"Our officers will be attending the site to investigate and assess any potential impacts to the river itself.

"Incidents such these can be reported on our incident hotline on 0800 807060."