A climber who was struck down by a massive stroke after hiking in the Scottish Highlands faces a 'race against time' in his recovery battle.

Malcolm Bass had enjoyed two days of 'joyful climbing' before suddenly falling ill on August 25 2020.

He was left barely able to move, see or speak in a hospital bed in Dundee, before having to undergo life-saving cranial surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

Pals instantly rallied round the 55-year-old British mountaineer and are appealing for help in getting him back on the hills before it's too late.

Malcolm now need special equipment to help him in the road to recovery
Malcolm now need special equipment to help him in the road to recovery

Lisa McNulty said: "Malcolm is a person of courage, vision, wisdom and compassion.

"He’s also a ridiculously modest, kind, generous and hilarious bloke, and a great cook.

"He is a wonderful husband, son, brother, uncle, colleague, neighbour and friend.

"He has always been a rock of support and loving advice for family, friends and colleagues - for anyone who’s ever needed him.

"The stroke hit without mercy and flung this immensely fit athlete and adventurer into the abyss.

Malcolm’s world was turned 'upside down' by his stroke
Malcolm’s world was turned 'upside down' by his stroke

"Even as someone who’s pushed himself to the limits of his courage and endurance on technically hard, new routes on high altitude peaks, he’s faces the toughest challenge of his life."

The catastrophe turned Malcolm's world 'upside down', with wife wife Donna speeding north from their home in England unsure if he'd even survive.

Malcolm spent many harrowing months in hospital post-surgery, and has since had to wear a special helmet until he has another operation to repair his skull with a protective plate.

Once able to return home, the climber - who spends most of his time in a wheelchair - slowly start to learn how to walk and talk again with the help of his doting family and friends.

But now his loved ones are appealing for help at the crucial point in his recover.

They have launched a Gofundme to help pay for the special equipment, physical and occupational therapy he needs to progress he is unable to.

The family hope this will allow him to basic tasks himself again like showering and dressing without assistance.

The 55-year-old world class British mountaineer was very healthy before his stroke
The 55-year-old world class British mountaineer

Several home alterations also need to be carried out to make it wheelchair friendly.

Malcolm - who loved hiking in Scotland - also requires home care helpers, therapy to improve his speech, an off-road wheelchair, an adapted vehicle and a specialist tricycle.

Friends added: "We are determined that this will not be the end of Malcolm’s sporting endeavours, independence and irrepressible vitality.

"He is filled with hope and spirit, committed to battling onwards and upwards in a bid not only to restore as much of his function as possible but also to do what he can in the longer run to help others who find themselves in a similar predicament.

"We all want to do everything we can to get him back to doing the things that are so close to his heart."

Well wishers have already raised a massive ££24,241 after setting their page up 5 days ago and are aiming for a £100,000 goal.

If you want to donate to Malcolm's cause you can by clicking here.