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Cleaning fanatic shares an easy way to clean grubby walls in minutes – and it makes your entire house smell amazing too


NO matter how long you spend cleaning your home, you're always going to find grubby marks all over your walls.

But there's an easy way to get them spotless in minutes - and it will make your entire home smell amazing too.

Tanya, who shares "home inspo" and "home hacks" on TikTok, demonstrated the simple tip, and people with kids are particularly grateful.

"Here's a hack that you wish you'd known sooner," she says in the clip.

Then, using a paint roller, she mixes bicarbonate of soda with a generous amount of Fabulosa disinfectant before applying it to the walls.

The paint roller makes it super easy to do as you simply roll it over the entire area, so there's no scrubbing required whatsoever.


Bicarbonate of soda is often used to clean various surfaces around the home as it acts as a mild abrasive.

While Fabulosa disinfectant, made popular by cleaning guru Mrs Hinch, not only makes everything it touches smell incredible, but being a disinfectant, helps remove dirt too.

"Thanks for showing me this. I'm moving home and wanna deep clean the house," said another.

But many pointed out that these people "clearly didn't have kids" as parents know all too well just how dirty walls can be from little tiny fingers.

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