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Claudine Auger dead: Bond Girl who starred as Domino opposite Sean Connery’s 007 dies aged 78

FORMER Bond girl Claudine Auger who played alongside Sean Connery in the 007 film 'Thunderball' has died aged 78.

The actress - who starred as Dominique 'Domino' Derval -  passed away in her home city of Paris, France, earlier today.

Born in April 1941, Auger began her career as a model and represented France at the 1958 Miss World competition.

On the side she was taking acting lessons and her first break came when she starred in the 1962 Three Musketeers film 'The Iron Mask'.

But it was the 1965 spy flick that really made her name when she became the first ever French Bond Girl.

The film's trailer introduced her as: 'Young. Beautiful. Trapped. Could be dangerous'.

She is first seen on screen when Bond is swimming in Nassau, her foot gets stuck in coral and 007 sets her free.

Domino is the mistress of the film's baddie Emilio Largo but soon falls for 007's legendary charms.

In the film she eventually escapes being held in captivity and shoots and kills Largo with a harpoon.

She and Bond then jump off his boat the Volante just before it erupts into flames during the film's finale.

They are then rescued by a CIA B-17 plane and carried into the air on a sky hook.

After the 1960s, Auger continued her acting career in French film and television.

In a 1965 interview, she said starring alongside 007 or "playing Moliere" was "a game, the same thing".

Thunderball - the 4th Bond film - was set in the Bahamas providing ample opportunities for bikini shots.

In the 1983 adaptation 'Never Say Never Again', Domino was played by American actress Kim Basinger.