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Christmas shopper nearly killed after being dragged along by muggers’ car when her arm got trapped in snatched handbag

A CHRISTMAS shopper nearly died after a mugger dragged her 225 feet when her handbag strap got caught in the thief's car door.

The woman's arm had become trapped in the bag's strap, after she was thrown against his getaway vehicle in St Paul, Minnesota.

CCTV footage shows the thief jumping out of his car on Sunday at Hmong Village.

He mugged her from behind, before throwing his victim against his vehicle.

As she slid to the ground, the thief jumped into his car, and his accomplice sped away - not realising the woman was snared in the handbag's strap.

She was dragged for 225 feet, before being able to untangle herself when they briefly stopped the vehicle, said St Paul police spokesman, Steve Linders.

Linders added that the shopper was wounded as a result, and suffered "pretty significant" bruises, and swelling.

He told Star Tribune that her purse contained money she'd saved for the Christmas break.

Linders said: "The video is quite shocking, and unfortunately it's not the only case that we've seen like this."

The surveillance clip has been released by cops as they hope to nab the culprits they suspect are involved in at least 20 thefts in the area - over the past month alone.

Police said that the thieves have been targeting the handbags of lone shoppers, generally women aged 40 and over.

Linders said: "We are increasing patrols in areas where people are shopping, and they're going to be visible.

"People can be vigilant by being aware of their surroundings [and] trying to always have someone else with them."